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All right thank you to all my guests thank you to my producer patrick antonetti down easy one to produce this one thanks to everybody running cadence thirteen from chris corcoran spencer brown john mcdermott shaun cherry this is richard h we'll see again soon on the sports media podcast all right as promised in the podcast here comes a preview of the new music documentary podcast long may they run featuring the music of fish interviews with bam verse plenty of people in and around the band and you are going to enjoy this long may they run the during the music of fish cedar t. originals a known at the beginning of fish what i did now you know the ban is like an organic ever-growing thing i think that's why you know fish ultimately has the popularity than it does today that there were so many people who were sort of drawn in for any number of reasons but certainly i think part of it has been back elective journey definitely indefinitely there wouldn't be any music if it weren't people there and you have to go up there i just love it i would think that would be pretty clear from all the years the fish that's a conversation i had with trey anastasio lead singer and guitarist of fish for a piece back in two thousand and two i saw fish at a tiny club in the late eighties sir now decades later the band is still touring still making a cultural impact and i'm still covering them i'm dean budnick and this is long may they run season one fish i trauma late eighty s and the people are growing like crazy i mean the dancing like us they changed the industry they changed the landscape the entire festival circuit we're gonna draw seventy five thousand people the baker's dozen a different show every night at the world's most famous arena not a single song repeated i beg everyone to find me a band who could do that their chances being taken they're looking for something that feels like a high wire act what just happened there also everyone in unison falls to the ground how the hell did they not do that at that moment fish takes nothing seriously and everything seriously that's the thing that people relate to is that life is funny we can take our heart really seriously it after all this time fishes still filling arena and there's no shortage of stories about the impression culture in this documentary you'll hear the ones that matter most told by the people who live we really did think and in the c thirteen original series premiering september eighteen on apple podcasts radio dot com and wherever you get your uh-huh they took on stuff no other band would want to take on the jets nothing like it and so i went from begrudgingly competing with them

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