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It's our Juan morale is high. We'll talk some football with Chris Simms, NBC sports a little later on. We'll talk the new baseball rules with Jeff passing from the mother ship. He'll stop by. Kansas City Chiefs had a big parade yesterday. And they're collecting receipts on. Everybody who didn't think that they would be here. And you know what? They have a valid argument. They're taking it too far. If you still have the maybe the greatest tight end of all time and top 5 all time quarterback and you got a Hall of Fame head coach, you're in pretty good shape, but they did, you know, they lost tyreek hill. They let him go, and now I think we thought, what would the offense be like? And then I was told, well, he'll just spread it around more. You had a lot of people predicting that maybe they're going to be a playoff team. I think people fell in love with Denver, fell in love with the Raiders. I had the Chargers going to the Super Bowl, but you know, Kansas City is not a new story. Everybody's looking for the new story. And that's what happened. It felt like it was the Buffalo Bills and everybody else in the AFC. It was Josh Allen. He was going to be the MVP. But I'm going to read something to you. This is sort of an indicator. There's a lot of criticism about the chiefs when they traded tyreek hill. This is last summer. So Patrick Mahomes will continue to have to play at a high level won't have as many big plays over the top with Travis Kelce juju Smith Schuster Hardman, Marquez Valdez scantling, sky Moore is a rookie second rounder, likely have to battle veterans here. The offense struggled last season weeks 8 through 13, they scored 22 points or less, but allowed 17 points or less, but one all those contests. Furthermore, the chiefs lost some defensive backs. They lost a tyron Matthew so, you know, they were talking about all these things that they didn't have.

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