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The left. Camp. Why to the right? Mason directly behind Marshall who works from under center. Fakes it to him. It keeps it thirty twenty five twenty breaks loose. It has gone martial races end for a Georgia Tech. Touchdown. His eighth rushing. Touchdown this year that leads the team had the thirty three yard score puts Georgia Tech all the board. I, and that's what that fullback dive will do to you every Kate pal. All of them kind of got sucked into the dive Johnson. When you spread it out. Everybody converges, it leaves a wide open sea gap there you got to close it down. If you're came pass, you're playing you the defender you have to be able to tighten that gab windows, two big. He's just going to run right through it. Untouched. Touchdown. Georgia Tech Wesley. Wells went nine for nine on extra points last week. He's a walk on who one of basically a tryout for kicker. They were having some trouble with our kicking games. He won the job last week may nine now. I just made us ten thorough and tech leads Louisville by a score of seven to nothing, but tend to wait to play in the first quarter five plays fifty yards for Georgia Tech. Absolutely. This is the start that you could not have if you're little you give up the ball right at midfield. He had he had some sort of an offensive production. You stall out on third and shoot third and fourth in short just cannot on inexcusable. When you're talking about a team that needs to rely on their offense a line to be able to run the football and defensively. You have a short field got a defendant. You've got them in third and six if you get Georgia Tech and third. And six or longer. There's not many places they can call their playbook to execute. And when they do with their bread and butter. It's it's just that's a painful painful way to start the game. You're two possessions behind down seven nothing already here in the first floor. Paul and pass deep to return to kick off for the second time tonight hall returned the first one out to the nineteen yard line tech leading southern nothing overblown, but we played almost five minutes. Here's this kick. More of a line dry, but again Li returnable caught at the two on the right hash hall up to the twenty call through little split in the middle. Thirty breaks away with can't quite maintain his balance. Tripped up at the thirty five yard line. Here's what the dangerous speed on hall comes into play. Good field position to start this possession. Trailing seven nothing promising from a young guy there just need a little more balance. He almost sidestep the kicker there at the end at break that one starting position gotta get point get back on the board. Get it back favorable for you. If you're Louisville's offense. I intend cards from the thirty six yard line. Trey Smith is the running back for now lined up to the right of pass who will work at a shotgun. Seeler leans over the ball three White House to the left side pass in a pocket pressure throws over the middle. And it's wide and incomplete and intercept caught on the rebound up leave at bounced hard off the receiver is going to be completed on the field is an incomplete. Second down wild up in the hands of to to add well on the deflection pass again stood and took another hard hit. And now they are going to say it's complete. That was a strange one. It looked like it is foot hit the ground first. But terrible protection up front MCI Becton. Lynnwood Foy gotta pass off. Just a simple game tackle in. You're getting your quarterback brushed already in the football game. Got to protect them. Second down and ten. Actually, look like that ball pencil defenders foot. Well, but as you said, it must've called the ground that we get a flag thrown. Lube? So they're going to back up five yards McNeill. Number seventy five yard penalty. Yes, senior you're relying on to lead the team not make any mistakes. That's not good guy to lock in here. Couple missed assignments blocking wise now he's got a mental error penalty. Second down and fifteen from the thirty yard line for Louisville pass wants to throw out to the left side. Caught a thirty yard line by Smith bumps off a tackle their tries to get more. Does searches the headed and lost the football. At georgia. Tech has recovered it at the thirty six yard line. Just to just a starting can have. I'm watching me off the line the whole time Foy and macaca Becton got beat again on the same game and have a guy, right? Recovered. And then now trae Smith puts the ball aground inexcusable while you're trying to win a football game. It's. I be reviewable. But nevertheless, gotta have better ball security than that. Hey, we're going.

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