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Is exactly what he is. And it's interesting to see because it was part of this. This snowball of me, too, In the ability of these 60 women to come out and say, Hey, what? Take me too. Me too. I was part of that as well. I was part of that as well. He drugged me and Let's just kept going, and even Gloria Allred, Satan's wife, Gloria Allred, could actually not move this ball forward. It's going to be interesting to see over the next day or two. How how this is going to play out of CNN's interview one of the sexual assault victims right now, are they going to side with the victims? Or are they going to rub their nose in it? By lifting Cosby back up to celebrity status? My guess is you're gonna hear a lot of silence. Because no one wants to really go into that because there's so much at play here. I'm ready to go into it well, but it's but you know, and that's it seems so obvious right that he's guilty not only of this case but other cases, so it is an injustice to those women. That Cosby is out of prison despite the government getting in its own way, as the government often does. Come on. Well, that's what I'm saying. That's you know, but the same thing without J case, the reason O J was not found guilty is because basically Mark Furman l. A. P D detective, they found a tape of him saying a racial slur that was bait and the glove. That was really stupid of Christopher Darden. The attorney at the time. The assistant, Yeah, to try to get O. J to do that without Knowing the result, which allowed Johnnie Cochran to to say the rhyme club doesn't exactly exactly But yeah, it's it's gonna be very Telling as to what happens because can you now file additional charges against Cosby with the additional women? Or do you just chalk it up and say, Well, we lost this case. We're done. Cosby just lives the rest of his life in his house. Geraldo Rivera. He actually called this And of course it's for all over there, so he's patting himself on the back today. Yes, you will remind you in 2018. This is what I wrote on September 26 2018 by most or all accounts, Bill Cosby was a sexual predator who left the trail of human misery and despair. Sentenced to 3 to 10 in state pen. He had it coming. Still, as an attorney, I predict his conviction will be overturned. Judge went way over the line and allowing unrelated victim testimony. That's from September 26 2. 2018 Um, he tweeted out 20 minutes ago. Bill Cosby is now on Twitter. Just probably as excited, uh, is much exciting robbers when O. J went back on Twitter, But he always said, I've always maintained my innocence. And then we started giving his thank you's to all his fans and supporters for standing by him for these three years. It's gross. Gross is the word. This is it. I guess I'll call it it an infection of celebrity and we do this with our politicians to right. You see it all across. So no matter what, when you elevate people because in Bill Cosby's case, they're funny or they are America's dad on the Cosby Show, or they serving in office. We elevate them almost to levels. Where we think of them as superheroes, so that We maintain our emotional connection to them often times because we've elevated them. And I was a kid who grew up watching the Cosby Show. I love Bill. I mean, I loved before I knew what he was. What he really was, was a huge huge Cosby fan back in. That was our error. Like growing up in the eighties. You knew Bill Cosby, his comedy records. I Had comedy records, like on Vinyl of Bill Cosby was at the dentist and his bottom lip is man. Some of that stuff was so good, but you have to detach yourself because he made you laugh in the eighties because the laughter fades away when you realize what he's done, and I don't think a lot of people can can separate the two. I think that's why Mike you see people show up at his house today. Yeah, and that's sad, because actually one of his stand ups. He was talking about drugging and raping women at parties. It was like from the 60. So creepy. Just such a creep. Uh, the January Six commission is coming. If you thought Nancy Pelosi wasn't going to let this one go, you are fooling yourself. Here it comes coming up next. I wrote some 105 51. Maybe it's not comfortable to talk about. But it's about having a plan a plan for what happens when you're no longer here. I know it sounds morbid, but you've got to take care of it. Because if you don't, the state of Arizona will do it for you via a probate court via a probate judge. You do not want to probate Judge To decide what happens to your life's work your life's asset. You know what your family to be sitting in a court, which could take up to three years in a very public process. That's why you want to go to P l estate planning dot com and get in touch with our estate plan Experts Phelps Leclaire this weekend We're going to be celebrating a our independence for we, the people, not the government, the we the people, and you we the people need to be in control of everything in our family, not the government. Do not let the guy Government take control over what happens to your assets when you're gone. I know it sounds intimidating. But you got lucky. Got a three day weekend going to talk to.

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