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Five prepare to say goodbye to the Tanner family again when fuller ends with the upcoming fifth and final season on that Blake's Netflix release in emotional farewell video featuring clips from the previous four seasons in the cast of the full house sequel series. Saying goodbye, we're saving the best for last Candace. Cameron beret says in the video above Cameron beret returned her full house character DJ Tanner now DJ ten fuller. Oh, that's cute. I I don't watch. We neither I watched the first season she married someone named fuller. Now, it's their house because it's also full more full house. I thought you single. For the sequel series that followed her character raising her family with the help of her sister. Stephanie and her best friend can be Gibney original cast members. Bob, saggy, Lori Laughlin and deep colour all made regular regular appearances as John stamos who also served as an executive producer. Okay. So this is coming to a close, and I just I couldn't be more pleased about it because it never should have been rebooted to begin with. Why can't we let sleeping dogs lie? I agree. And I also saw in the toasters, which I don't this could be completely unconfirmed that I think they're releasing the statement to see how people react and like it could get picked up to me. No. But now that I can watch it. But we who needs this. No, I don't know anyone who was a full house. Stand back in the day not gonna watch a show like that. Because now they're probably watching things like dynasty now. They're busy new whenever they're not going to watch a little like sitcom or whatever about like kids. Now, they've grown up and they're watching you know, like real shows. Right. Like, you you used to? Stand full house back in the day age of people watch house, you're a little younger. But you I think probably I'm the age. And and I'm here not gonna ching not interested, but you're a little younger I used to love loss. I remember like you and cloudy and the den like just being obsessed with full has really you guys are so weird. But I'm saying no, you didn't even watch fuller house. I remember Zach was so excited for it to come back and. Everything's like jazzed about it. Right. And then seasonable and came out, and it was like it was fine. I watched the whole thing. I remember. And then I was like watching like the rest of it. I'm not going through with this. Right. I remember the trailer that came out for season one when they played that song by. Maranda Lambert song what it's about home. I hate her. So no, it's a good song. Hold on. Look it up now because it's a good song. And it was it was so good maranda Lambert house built me. Oh that is a good song. I'll give it to her. Man the cello for season one of full or house. They were like walking through the house, and it was empty and they were playing that song. Okay. We'll see. Here's the thing that pulls people's harsh harsher because of nostalgia. And that was the last good idea that they had. Yes. And also it was dead in the water when they didn't get married hidden. Ashley, doc. Oh, of course, which is like, honestly like Merican. And or just so smart know what? I mean. I'm yes. Yeah. Like just knew like Kamanga, even if it wasn't regional dead horse. Even if it was a huge success. They were never going to be back on it. They're so busy right now and so- procedures and like Ben show. Yes, they were such cute little babies, and like now they're these women who wear like all black like cuff tall fuller house would not know what to do with say even came to set. And we're like, okay. You know, what dress us like Riley you on. No, they would have to make them. Like, oh, Michelle that was her name the baby, Michelle. It was a long time ago. Then what's normally this? Michelle like move to the big city became a fashion designer now is is like killing they would have been after just. I agree. I agree with James the the row is that them the route annals James the row is like more national yet. And it's so expensive. It's weird..

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