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No work and then coming in to quote Well so just before we have to say. Lawrence is being Golden Gary All day both certain topics if just for the next four minutes if you can stop that task maneuver around. He's like my favorite fire now. John just rose rosacea Rhody thought. Let's get onto. We'll talk ambitions you have of course you know. Hopefully the vast ski is going to be next for. The belts is being reported Chicago Masters twenty-eight holders that time and venue sit you. Yes as good Afoa like I'm ready in training camp This would probably be the longest campout be given you know eleven twelve weeks. Usually you know seven or wherever saw oh you know are making a comfortable being physically strong acclimatize inefficient another country was because I look forward to it. If is that day but was stone wounded negotiation. But you know the world title is the next and this was gonNA happen. Is that a is this opponent you be tidied. been watching Gretzky. It's all it's not about a mall since You know the fight was ordered up started watching warm beforehand. I'd watch that much of him. But you know I've gone back. I've watched him when he was twenty seven and he's physical prime. You know and seeing how he competed because obviously now who challenged again. I'm she'll come of fire and EMBIID So I wanna see what he's like he's best. I've watched a lot of Broken down but you know you never know until you actually get into some really going to be like apar- over awful good I can't turn pro two thousand and eight thousand in a long career. He I think he won the tall bef- two thousand fifteen. So before before. You know you will need you still punch of punch and innovest back then but do you think the experience with both well for him. Would you think maybe the Korea the longevity of the career. Maybe he's the it's not GonNa hurt and he's got a he's not a lot. June time bunkers world champion and before we just solely prong. Oh you mean he's going to be different. Tastes doubt you know going over to CHICAGO OF RABID Polish contingent. But if anybody that's called the mental makeup to do it I would. I would say it's going to be a man here. He presents a different style. Yeah good good south ways not on those or quit gangrene is a good south. Well he's only six foot. Six fights fights a bit shorter. Yeah which I was going to say. Use that isn't it. Yeah so this is something that you go get used to being sick for five. Don't be in on the top end of that scale. Of course you're always used to punch it all but it is difficult to get your distance and and the rain's rights are not all on our. I actually quite enjoy softball. I genuinely enjoy you know sparring and preparing preparing for softballs. Because are they presenting a different angle from my right hand which is Which I enjoy? I've been watching rock. I see that you know he dips. He keeps it low when he brings in with foster jobs in. You know he's up for Tara and stuff but I just don't go in from you know in this one and I'm GonNa be trying to throw different angles Hand Kinda with the fact that he should dip I'll try from now to the facts eventual for city-state. Right hands. You can slip in Canada and stuff like that We look forward to a follow up. You say you'll six for a new kind of changing the angles and change in the high. It works well against seventy six two six three but I'm so much toilet on almost long. Long reach yeah I'll have the region just Able to Kinda keep them keeping my based specialist. He's not really like a comfort. What brought up a good point because even though you're toll your wingspan this huge is that you have to reach? You can use that to get advantage. I was GONNA say about and the new details about going away from home. There was an tall. Shot is a massive risk fighters can freeze here. But you've AH. I don't want old-fashioned career but you've got a real steep learning curve. No boxing for titles. What was it six five dollars? Yeah and it's been it's been a British Commonwealth European picking up a obviously an international on the way as well continental title. Do you think that's going to sink. Jink Pay Jews initials MESA TIME To get to this point one this opponent. I thought there's oversee some you know it would be too early for me at this current stage. I can believe I can be anyone you have to be as well this a hard fight bus while not believe I will win on you know experiences I have gone for Put headline shows before a big crowds. Had the pressure. A Boston and champion was undefeated. Fires have been not one not multi. I'll be in quite a few undefeated fires on so for me Boston. Abroad Boston. Someone's hometown I don't really pay attention to them quite right like I don't WanNa say way by just totally feel anything when I'm on my way to the ring and stuff I'm just very just not What is by? I just feel very calm and comfortable and just walk INS. I don't believe so it wasn't just zone Dan. I don't even come like overly focused Komo dot. I'm just going for a walk in the park. Your just you see. I'm just very just chilled. Obviously a Pfizer is a different thing. But I don't feel nervous. Just this is why I have to let me get done John Me and so I do. I do look forward to it because I feel like this one. There's one might be even more recognition. You know we're good British when the end Wednesday as a Welsh haven't been WHO's only legitimate. He lost his does it so getting richer dot com magnitude as much as I form an awful will get a little bit of respect. He wanted a ones. Ah Over seas by a I mean obviously GLIVEC is coming off a bad loss against British. Not Bad but he was winning that fight he was controlling. and that's what braced I. That's why British put Air Boeing. Because he was getting frustrated with the way Lawrence's approach in a fight. It's red isn't it for five because no boxes as we know in the news. Well we're sensitive souls and we're very superstitious and we love things our own way. We can throw up. Altos out the problem. But you don't seem seen that way if you take the fight to almost blase if you like about this title fight and you've got to go away from home and a lot of people would maybe not fancied up you. You seem to almost be happy and that is gonNA. That's possibly go that way. Yeah but I mean for me. I think I wouldn't be foods in an old with you. Know the both Donate this file Awadallah bunks this place or this personal Very much I believe we win the fight so as long as I. I believe that would fall into place slot so levers hair all in another country. I watched this guy and I believe I will be so. Aw aware is just as long as I get the victory and also the cruiser was. It was a time and you got him on the New Orleans. The criminal division was uh-huh overlooked because the middle super middleweight. So I think you're really good heavyweight or we rely heavyweight and there was no interest in the cruiserweight division when it first came on the scene calls deleo and dig as Resp- Marvin fighters as good as all these guys give Lee Roy Murphy. All these guys laws could really only started getting excited when probably when we started talking to David as in the end zone macaroni. GOP straight straight. Do it was the world boxing. Supersede that really set it on fire but he was a Michael Huggins. Juvenilia people can give Jones and and there was some real. Yes yes it was really fart jokes. The golden era of the heavyweights was the seventies. For sure. They will also know your your wait. Wait with child and he could punch guys. And and that's what the cruiserweight division it's sort of like the old fashioned heavy division but obviously you you excited. Because there's been a transitional period where it's obviously hooks moved up again and moved out of the way and now you're in real division with young is coming through yourself yourself and also a few of the staff edge steadfast champion still there. Don't think top of the tree. Everything's about timing on upcoming a a good time. You know I've got my sprint quite quickly. took time with some of the Heavyweight champions are still are still. Oh good incredible. But it's the point West. Does you INVICTA and lot hunger the spirit. That's the kind of criminals pace. I don't know I guess Burns. You know what I mean skimming stuff but you know only to find out how you get in there and have a goal unless there's a nice refreshing to fund to be not just 'cause you hear the last week and and no east at his level domestic level belittle take the risks of undefeated fighter after defeat if I didn't no old fighters like me and got criticized modified where they looking for the easiest route to the to the quickest success and that's understandable. But you know it's like Kalita net dot offerings you could if you speak to Eddie management etc.. A Lotta Times. They tried to pull back. Maybe wait one or two before the British. Why not before this I got this? Let me in I'M GONNA handle it so I that's helped me in the amateurs to get to the Olympics taste fights to also you know win the south of one now with today. Say God within the next few months I'm fifteen and all of bin. Kamal British unified European and world champion and sixteen knows maybe another unification so it's It's because of the steps to take the risk dominant to take a pass now kind of allows me to be his position. Ever know what you can in a chief for risk if you take easy road then you just be that fire that tried to navigate. I mean everybody notable cracks me up one guy one time you know Gerry's about fighting right fights and I'm not even in for anybody. I got fight someone. I you go that way you know if you can find but but the problem is you can get to. We'll talk fights now here for paying the system. Yeah Yeah and and I think that the fact that people that Lawrence and a few of this not just on your own. We'll we'll want to test themselves to get there. We'll saw help the the health of the spoiled. Because then it means that the best you've learned Gerard rather than played the system to get the ranking to get to the top. You picked up the Continental Derby continental talk which give big rankin but obviously beaten your European being champion and British champion and the old fashioned way. Trust me you'll fashion reeves on British European. And now hopefully we'll talk with. Oh you know speaking British the British crew religion. It doesn't as well and I'm enjoying watching. I'm What I was just hunting over? You know what I mean. I looked and I said that it's GonNa be exciting in common years. Obviously I'm going to be on top of it. I May that was kind of oversee delivered. Not by good to see people like Richard Lost Meat. You know the on Jemma Crispin and Smith You know they wouldn't are doing nothing and some people don't even know about. I know about the bobbling on the scene just waiting for the opportunity to step up. How'd you feel no because as a professional you'll you've been doing chasing titles and chasing names now even though you're still doing that dabble y'all been hunted? It's only about ball depends on the time so obviously Those books are. I don't know if you remember. Museum is is a chamberlain. who used he could fight? So I I remember you know. Buildings Defy is because the similar stuff that you know the GMO Damages People WanNa tach their name to you without fighting new so that they can sue appea- bank off of it and I'm not talking about even about high pumping about opportunity so for example. I'm going to British title. If you don't WanNa have to have lots of hard on reduce you quote out the champion to skip all those vice and getting so the similar kind of thing people can see mandate for a well. I'm not going to defend the walk. So what they'll do is let me turn out in these knives. And then thou be my institutional which is another way to navigate without having to have the hot fire so as to be expected because British box in history as a lot of us we made up of domestic ovary will level. So if you've got a guy like say a a big fight we talk about the C reactive. He's got a high rate in ages when the title of course if he gets a high ranking and it gets if VIC transferred to the WTO for instance then East thing in about a big domestic title fight against you which was obviously in your pocket and you can understand that even if he has maybe God uh-huh steal your route one hundred hundred and that's all part of the game so I've got my own personal goals while title unification's set draw. Aw But this is a sport wherever it is through. Tom Abandoned. It doesn't always go all the way you want it to go so I might say okay..

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