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That. Is donna mckechnie singing the music and the mirror from one thousand nine hundred seventy five original broadway recording of a chorus line. Hello hello this is fausto furnace. And i'm mark villian from feast of fun. Are you ready for your audition. I'll do my very best. I need you to be honest. John marshall junior for this podcast. Honesty's yeah. I think i can handle that and tell us your name. And what was your first job my whole john. Andrew marshall junior. My dad is actually john andrew marshall so he's senior and junior and the reason. I'm acting so strange. Because i'm trying to be very mad here. Chorus line jesse chorus line. Okay i was. I was saying this felt a little more formal dinner last chat so far. Well that's the thing about this past year it's felt very much. Similar to donna. Mckechnie song the music and the mirror. Where these really talented amazing people in every job in the world have been chomping at the teeth just to be able to shine just to be able to do their job. President trump leaves office with the record number of unemployment since the great depression um so there are millions of people who are out of work right now. A lot of people dead and dead Four hundred thousand people dead and today. I thought it'd be kind of uplifting and fun to talk to a young actor singer dancer model from chattanooga tennessee who's actually been in chorus line yes of the. It's definitely one of those shows. That's on the list of one of the greats to get done if you're if you're an actor and dancer particularly so i mean people love with some people absolutely hate it. I know people come from from two different vantage point. Say they think of it as you know kinda corny and sappy right they do someti- i like to think that that's the minority speaking but But yeah i think some people think it's a little heavy handed. But but i'm certainly on the side of thinking it's really effective and You know when you see the show. You end up rooting for these people. Regardless of whether you're an actor or not know who did you play when you were in chorus line. I played down. So he's kind of a conglomeration of a few different people stories from the night. They all taped the dancer. Sat around and tape the stories with michael bennet. He's a few different people stories. Put together to play. Kind of the Type bowl straight male dancer and was his song. yeah he has a solo in The montage right after morales sings and he sings about The nightclub unia. You know he likes you. Know kind of and perhaps stripping depending on how you interpret interpret it at the nightclub when he's a team so you were typecast. Because he's the header only heterosexual character in the whole walls. Zack you know is acted a director kind of narrator voice omniscient voice sometimes depending on how it's directed is also straight to one who has a bit of a romance with cassie visit was the mid seventies in new york and a lot of actress singer dancers and models were out of work and they got together and they said you know let's put together our own theatre company our own conservatory. So we can. We can have some jobs and michael bennett. Along with donna mckechnie and she michael bennett. Is the turkey a lot of stuff but like like today people know that and the woman who's dancing flailing her arms. That's donna cagney. Who's things music in the mirror. And so they showed up to this to this. Basically it was kind of like an audition slash workshop with a tape recorder and they just started asking all the performers to bare their souls. They did yeah. A lot of a lot of the dancers involved. Didn't really know what the plan was. But they knew michael bennett of promises. Fame all in all all his other project so they kind of they they showed up and essentially you started doing a dance class and then Later in the evening they all sat around. Nineteen seventy four was january twenty six benchley and A sat around and did exactly exactly that and go from is very sammie williams. The dancer who talked about being gay fitting into his sister's tap dancing shoes by wearing extra socks. They turned that into the tap. Dancing song than the.

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