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And Fisher house foundation. Agnes? I been writing Harleys Cincinnati nine hundred ninety two was just after my seventy nine th birthday, my wife, and I were talking, and I said, you know, I'm going to be eighty years old. In another year and a pretty good health. Something really difficult ride. But I wanted to be meaningful to do it. For charity discussion went on the subject of veterans came up. And because you see signs you see signs on the roads. You see veterans are a big topic in this country and lately with plus going on there even bigger thought about veterans little research and look at a lot of charities something about fisherhouse. So highly rated and what they do is. So important. The idea that the housing facilities. VA hospitals are no Terry basis. So that people the families of veterans can stay with the mouth, they're going through these extensive treatments may have taken. A man or woman who's in the army or in a service. It's been overseas in harm's way separated from their families for a year sometimes long, and they get busted up seriously busted up then they come back, and they have to go through serious long rehabilitation and treatment and without fisherhouse multi people who are modest means would have no way of being with their families during this time of need and it show unfair to have somebody separated from their families in harm's way. And then come back and be separated again because we can't afford to stay with them. Fisherhouse has a huge problem. You're listening to home away from home. The fisherhouse story brought to you by fisherhouse dot org with your host Mary. Walter from Washington DC. So here's an extraordinary.

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