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I think that that could be the television. But guess what I know. There are so many times when I'm when I'm sitting there watching it. I'm like why am I enjoying the laws you into it and you just sort of like pick up the the cadence of like message that show. Yes hey hope you doing okay? After last night See you know. It's it's so strong at the end if you describe it to anyone they're like okay so it's people alone in a room talking to a screen. Exactly it sounds terrible. Awful but there's something it's so fascinating watching 'cause you know it's like it's it's the facebook or instagram version of survivor. Basically and I'm so obsessed with. I don't know anyone's names. I'm terrible with names but Su Su bomb she bomb and then the other woman. Who's Santa WanNA say no debt? What's her name? She has a Z in. Her name is eight here and yes yes I mean and again. I'm only halfway through the season so I don't even know who's coming up but like I am so obsessed with the two of them Just because for totally opposite reasons because like Shabaab is so genuine earnest and so just unapologetically himself. All the time and then Mercedes is like not Mercedes. I don't even remember what area Karen Slash Mercedes is like so real and her her reason for wanting to be. Mercedes like like when the guy gets voted off and he ends up going to see her because he wants to meet Mercedes and seeing him. React 'til I finding out Karen actually is and then letting her tell the reasoning for why she decided to be. Mercedes is so real and so heartbreaking and I it's just such like a great microcosm for like what's going on in the world right now but like rather than people fighting and rather backbiting and this stuff like it's actually just people trying to meet each other and understand each other and and discover each other which I think is so fascinating so cool. It's deeper than it seems it really is it. R- deeper than it has a right to be exactly right below your mind with something so you you know you know. La I know La Somewhat. Yeah Somewhat Joey. Works at oil can Harry's no he does not he does think works. Their Day has promised to go back. Obviously there's a police show press tour. That's going on right now. So for the moment he is quite busy but he has said that he will go back. Is I lived in? La For four hundred years of never been oil. Can Harry's and Dave you to hold me to this we must go. We're going when he's back. So can I hold you both to this? That the next time I go to L. A. I drop you a line and you both take me. Oil Can Harry's will be going. It'll be a Saturday night. It will be night. You'll see people in their seventies and KAFTANS baton Tambourines I'm It is it is truly a great experience. And if you're listening I wish I'd be better be you're coming to by the way more breaking news to blow your mind. We'RE GOING TO HAVE CHRIS. From The Circle and Karen Aka Mercedes on now Mafia. Yup We're we'RE GONNA BE REMOTE. They're not going to be in La We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk text at Karen Smiley Guy with the hearts in the ice sand. It's so funny We should take a quick break. And we're right back off well. Today's episode is brought to you by love books and illustrated book. That's perfect for expressing the sentiments. That may be difficult to say out loud and it's ideal that special someone that really deserves a meaningful present. I E Ben I e Michael. Your mom mom. Whoever your loved one is high-pitched Love Valentine's Day is coming up and so go to their website. Because they've.

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