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We are back here and we're talking marketing agencies. Google facebook you name it how to actually hire them what to look for and qasim. I think you brought a good point is your first point i would imagine is what is credibility is like making sure they're good. And maybe they're not masters of everything in a second jack-of-all-trades but master of none right. Yeah it's actually not about the agency yet. It's about you the listener customer. So you're the business owner the cmo whatever. Get clear on what you want. Because you're if you're just out there trying to hire agency that's going to be a real easy thing to do but you might say. Hey i need growth and need scale any proof of concept and he'd offer design a need and what's the interesting thing about that too is a good agency should be able to walk you through this conversation but you wanna make sure that you're not being too easily lead so there's the thing that you think you want and then there's the thing that's in front of that thing that you probably need to buy i so you know you might say like oh i just need more sales and i'm sky bless america the amount of times. I'm on a call. Somebody thinks they need more sales or they think they need more leads. Excuse me i need more leads. And then i look at their sales process. I'm like your closing one out of twenty right. You don't need more leads. You need better sales process so get really clear on what you want and then look at the things that would be necessary in order to achieve that goal and that will help you begin to shot for the right agency. Because now you know ryan deiss says something that i really love and i don't know that he coined this but he definitely popularized at my mind. He says Prescription without diagnosis malpractice. So there's it doesn't make sense to go out there and just find the random agency it's finding agency that can do the thing that you need them to do so clear on what that is..

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