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To the weekend stakes preview. On the horse racing radio network presented by naira vets. Top of the lane raymundo secret taken on now by brooke laura. Light is on the outside dump tag trying to find route dog-tag posing outside in the gold cap dog now coming the run on the late hours princess. Grace dog tags stretches and comes after a second. That's princess christ. Holding on the prince has christ dog tag. Princess christ will come home to score princess grace and kanter sowo one. The yellow ribbon dog tag was sick and maximum rate finished up third fourth could be voted cheetah or keeper other star. Now here's bobby newman. And dave freeman good evening and welcome to the friday edition of the weekend states preview presented by naira bets. Bobby newman and dave freeman here. On friday september the tenth as we get ready for twelve races this weekend. And even though. There's no live racing in new york or at least new york city this weekend. We've got some great steaks racing action not only from around the country. But around north america eight stakes races. That will be covering from kentucky downs for big stakes races. North of the border up at woodbine dave. I hope you're ready my friend. I absolutely ready unexcited. And because of the close down turf course at churchill downs these kentucky downs races are absolutely loaded. They certainly are by the way folks. Don't forget it's almost here. Belmont park is set to open just in just a week in fact just six days from now for the belmont fall. Meet this coming. Thursday in the starting gates are filling up so quick with an extra two hundred dollars on naira bets. They're offering a two hundred dollar. Sign up bonus in anticipation of the historic.

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