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All right. You want to ask the tough questions? But. You also have frayed that this guy could get up and just kicked shit out of you. There's not many people like that on the planet that I feel like that right genuinely in real life, like not many people at all. And the people that I do are like one of my friends, and that's that's about a couple of my friends. That's about it tops, which is like your average Joe at a fucking bar. I'm pretty confident I kick shit out of. But Ray Lewis, I could not Mike Tyson. Probably not like, right? There's even Joe Rogan for his skilled as he is. What is he like five black belts, and like all kinds of I mean, he's really really up there. He walks the walk of all of that shit. I still think even listening to the interview there was still a part of him where like Mike Tyson 'cause you get up and knocked me into the middle of next week. Yeah. And I think he's pretty open about that kind of stuff. I met him. You were with me. I think you met, oh, Tyson Tyson and to me. Just seems high and gentle where it was just like, man. This guy's not a threat. Yeah. But you know, he is. That's the scary part of it. Right. When people and kill you. But they're very gentle. Yeah. That's when I get scared. Yeah. It's that turn when that I always think of like how you meet somebody either meet somebody you're see someone like reformed, whatever. And you're like I wonder what it's like to see them switch. I mean. Yes. And that's the scary part of it. Yeah. And you know, again, I met Mike Tyson. But I wouldn't ask him that's whose face San same. I haven't met Ray that was, but like, you know, I wouldn't ask him any that shit's whose face, but I wish I could write that would be on his side on this. Hey, man, if you just tell me what the story is chances are, I know you weren't looking to murder somebody you were already rich and famous and had the world. You probably had to murder because I'm gonna came after you. You know, I think I'd probably be on the side and bro out with them. Yeah. But I can't you know, and he'll never say anything. So it is what it is. But yeah, I am fascinated with that with how somebody can switch like that. Speaking of which that new Ted Bundy doctrines tonight's on that flicks. And they were playing clips of that. We'll talk about somebody switching holy shit. So they've got these interviews what from from prison is that where they were. Nice be. They've never played before. And they played a segment on some show as watching last night's of some of the tapes that they were gonna play on the Netflix series. Holy shit. Not only is this guy. Really intelligent. Butts. I mean as a huge butts only talked about himself in the third person. Why he is I love that people write talk in the third person like also killed. It adds another layer when you talk about yourself in third person. And and you kill people kill bunch of people. And you know, he was famously super good looking women loved him was he was the guy that like you would not even think he represented himself in court. Didn't get a lawyer nor name means. Yeah. Just like a narcissist to the nth. It's great great. Yeah. Were you you love serial killers fan abundant. What was your story with them? 'cause like one hundred you didn't get you seem shocked by that behind you, you all serial killers. Yeah. I do they have to be has to be more interesting than I'm good looking..

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