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Um, no. The smart thing I mean is is And what's the goal here is to be told what to be happy or to be successful. Successful W mean, monetarily successful or have a happy life to be right. I'm not trying to be right than wrong. You might not be talking about just about business decisions about be right. Should I buy this house? Should I did marry this person? Should I Do I need discipline my kid or forgive them Do I need to stop hanging out with this person who seems to be a negative influence on my life? That's a good one. Somebody Oh, no, no, but we had all those great time will update your opinions with the constantly inundation of new information and realize well Yeah, Maybe we We were really good friends in our mid twenties. But life styles have changed, and he's gone down a different path. And that's a good was not for me. That reminds me of I saw this the other day and a bumper sticker of all places. You shouldn't see things on bumper stickers that literally literally strike use. Profound. Doesn't that just mean you're done By definition? It seems a little it seems little brain adjacent Little Homer Simpson, like e don't know, But there's there could be one or two out there. Absolutely think some bumper stickers in my life that have stuck with me. Probably will. For the rest model exist one and down, which is just how can you argue? No. The I remember seeing on a bumper sticker if you had enough Would you know it? Yeah, it really struck me is it is a big deal Invention that phrase two days ago in a private conversation. And and then this one. I want to make sure award it right. Oh, Let's I can. If you can read this, you're too close and I could read it on my driving call 1 800. I realized that was too close and I preface it with I'm pretty happy with my life and and feel very fortunate to be where I am in a whole bunch of different circumstances because I've done plenty of things that could have derailed everything but The bumper sticker was Let's fake our own death and go off and live the life we really want to be. Oh, and I thought that is Oh, that is too much for sitting here at the stoplight. If I didn't know how dirty the floor was, I'd lie down in it right now and sink because obviously you know where that gets you. Is that absolves you of all responsibility. Your job. Your friendships, Your kids, your financial everything you get to start completely over in this scenario, Let's fake her own death and go off and live life. We really want to. Um And you know, it's just kind of an interesting thought. Experiment. What would that be? Yes, It could be kind of getting here. Who would I be hanging out with? And you know what would I be doing Well, when I was in my priorities being You know, my only disagreement is when I was raising kids. I just I would reject the notion completely because I just that would be sure, horribly immoral. But I couldn't do that. It's been all my time feeling regretful and horrible, horrible about where my kids are. All right, You know, it's like the Bruce Springsteen song hungry Heart, which is great song, but I went out for got a wife and kids went out for driving on everyone back here pieces. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. On the other hand, you know with that, being aside, it's funny. This should come up because I was talking to some friends over the weekend, and one guy lost his dad far too young to cancer. And he's the younger man than I am significantly so but We're talking about life and options and stuff, he said. Joe, this is not a dress rehearsal. This is life. So don't wait forever to, you know, do live. Whatever you're talking about. You said because my dad always talked about when I retire. I'm gonna any never got that. I thought that was the line. I always had a the end of my When I touch taught interpersonal communications in college. That was my line at the end of every class because I wanted to be the profound teacher type of guy. I was, like, 23 years old, But I would always say that this ain't no dress rehearsal because that is that is a pretty good one. You do You do live your life with kind of the feeling you can just Preparing for the real thing coming on down the pike here pretty soon As you get further in your life have done with this crap start living exactly. I'll do the things I really want to do. Uh, too much perspective. Oh, easy now, somebody bleep that was harsh. Mm hmm. Wanted that. I wonder if it's a good thought. Experiment, Toto. Like like, you know, help you figure out what you want to do. Um, what if we faked her own death and went off and live the life we really want to? I don't know my strategy of taking a run of becoming a professional poker player. Probably isn't that solid of Ah of a goal, So I think in some ways, my My trappings of responsibility. And then not wanting to disappoint family members. Help keep me away from something that maybe work out. Absolutely doesn't. Yeah, absolutely. Um The only favorite poker sayings. You're good man for a saying. Gotta know when to hold. No. Uh, no. But that whole what? You're just saying in your family friends. You got some responsibilities that being grounded That doesn't tie you too. Sometimes, you know, the ties is the thing they keep us sane and from blowing our lives up the ties that bind another Bruce Springsteen song. And I ran. You remember talking to my uncle who was who was gonna kill himself? And we all pretty much knew it. I mean, it was pretty clear He was laying the groundwork to kill himself. And I knew it when I was hey, stopped through the town. Um, where I was living at the time, and we went out and had a piece of pie. Um, apple pie with a slice of cheese on it. It rustles in Salonica and all my brushes truck stop I with cheese on it. I had to sue that place for the £10 I gained in the two years I lived near it. Anyway, My uncle is coming through town to see me. I think he wanted to see me again before he killed himself. I mean, we never, you know. Did you put that fine A point on it, But, um, I brought up something. And I'm young at this time, and I brought up something about. I'd like to just take off and go to this. He said no, no, You need to be grounded. You gotta you gotta You gotta have something that you know you're tied two to keep everything in perspective. He didn't have anything at that point. I think that was He had a real good perspective on that, because he lost everything in a bunch of terrible ways. That mostly weren't his fault and someone more, but he did. He had nothing at that point, his life and the real lack of being more to anything I think is what you know, took him down the road of eventually checking into a hotel, blowing his brains out. Um But you do you do you know something? A lot of the things that that are. Burden sometimes. A pain in the ass..

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