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From the desk of even those companies can't escape inflation Ikea says it's going to raise the prices of a bunch of products around the world because of higher transport and raw materials cost Earlier this year the Swedish retailer said a lot of its products simply weren't available on its shells but that didn't hurt the company's cash flow Ikea is privately owned but said in October that its revenue rose by 6.3% this year Marketplace morning reporters supported by Twilio the customer data platform for companies looking to unlock and unify real-time data and deliver truly personalized campaigns at scale more at Twilio dot com And by the slowdown join poet Ada lemon for a hand picked poem and a moment of reflection every weekday subscribe to the slowdown wherever you get podcasts It's not going to be the New Year's Eve celebration that a lot of businesses were hoping for Concerns about the rapidly spreading acron variant along with labor shortages or derailing celebrations at bars restaurants and clubs marketplaces Kristin Schwab has more New Year's Eve is a big money maker in the food and drink industry There are the prefix menus open bars and special events all marked up for higher profit margins And though some businesses will still toast tonight at midnight others have decided to close because of safety concerns or limited staff Many are dealing with a mess of canceled reservations Steve zay gore a restaurant consultant who teaches at Columbia business school says the fourth quarter can make up as much as 40% of the year's business And that really comes to a crescendo in December where we've got the holiday season that people really let it go and have an exciting time and spend a lot of money He says businesses need that end of your income to sustain themselves during the lull that comes in January and February I'm Kristen Schwab for marketplace In that normally huge New Year's Eve gathering in Times Square is being scaled back to but the amount of confetti being dropped on those celebrating is not 3000 pounds of tissue paper confetti is going to be thrown by hand on some 15,000 people Now while large gatherings are less common these days more people are looking to confetti to liven up their private celebrations in New York marketplaces Stephanie Hughes explains There's been a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square for more than a century the first ball drop was in 1907 Then in 1993 on live television host.

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