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Reviews really <Speech_Male> help sharing <Speech_Male> this really helps. <Speech_Male> I'm building <Speech_Male> a community. This is <Speech_Male> far far far. <Speech_Male> Bigger than scorpio <Speech_Male> rising far <Speech_Male> bigger than getting views <Speech_Male> and likes and comments. <Speech_Male> It's about <Speech_Male> bringing people <Speech_Male> together that are like <Speech_Male> minded. So <Speech_Male> if you have someone in your life <Speech_Male> who's depressed <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> or introverted <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> going through a like. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Oh <Silence> <Advertisement> dude nikki. Scorpio <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Silence> <Advertisement> is different <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> because <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the more that this is <Speech_Male> promoted in the bigger <Silence> we make this <Speech_Male> and all <Speech_Male> these other companies <Speech_Male> and all these other artists <Speech_Male> these the brands <Speech_Male> have to start being more conscious <Speech_Male> more wealth. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Don't you see how the world <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> is changing <Silence> <Advertisement> before your is <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Silence> <Advertisement> now. Everyone <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> is getting <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> to speak their voice. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Everyone gets <Silence> <Advertisement> a seat at the table <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and the <Silence> people that don't like <Speech_Male> it will <Silence> eventually die <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> they'll look back <Speech_Male> when they're old and think. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Wow you know what. <Speech_Male> i can't <SpeakerChange> believe. I acted <Speech_Male> that way. <Speech_Male> Times are changing <Silence> my friend. <Speech_Male> Enjoy the <Speech_Male> ride. Enjoy your <Speech_Male> life. Enjoy your <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> ride for yourself. <Silence> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> You are <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> your own soul in your <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> own person in <Speech_Male> this world doing the best. <Silence> You can <Speech_Male> less <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> all <Speech_Male> right. Well i'm gonna <Speech_Male> leave it on that note. <Speech_Male> Thank you again <Silence> for all the support <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> for <Speech_Male> the dmz for the <Silence> comments for the messages <Speech_Male> really <Speech_Male> really means a lot. <Speech_Male> Definitely <Speech_Male> check out. Yo nikki <Speech_Male> scorpio dot com <Speech_Male> and putting my <Speech_Male> beats up. I make <Speech_Male> beats their fire <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> put frequencies <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> in them's <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> that you can vibe <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> out in. <Speech_Male> He'll has <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> your singer or a <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> river or an artist. <Speech_Male> Or denser <Speech_Music_Male> like my <SpeakerChange> beats get <Speech_Music_Male> at me <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> and <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> you know just behinds <Speech_Male> yourself <Silence> <Advertisement> and <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> check <Silence> in with yourself <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> in the next <SpeakerChange> time you <Speech_Male> feel like you're all alone. <Silence> Just <Silence> tell you. So <Silence> <Silence> <Advertisement> i'm enough. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I <Silence> <Advertisement> am enough. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> I can do <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> this. <Silence> <Advertisement> And <SpeakerChange> i love myself <Silence> <Silence> all right <Speech_Male> until <Speech_Male> next time. I'm excited <Speech_Male> to have more <Speech_Male> guests. <Speech_Male> Definitely check out the <Speech_Male> past episodes <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> checkout <Speech_Male> episode <Speech_Male> that. I did talk about <Speech_Male> human design. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Check out the episode <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> with katie. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Nagas if you're <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> looking to up <Speech_Male> your communication <Speech_Male> game <Speech_Male> in state-owned <Speech_Music_Male> my friends. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I love you <Speech_Male> because if we can <Speech_Male> hate people we don't <Speech_Male> know we can soar. <Speech_Male> Love him <SpeakerChange> until <Silence> <Advertisement> next time <Music> <Advertisement> pace. <Music> <Advertisement>

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