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Delay free conditions continue. You'll enjoy that at all the area Tollway's and the rest of northwest Indiana, with the exception of I 65 Extravagant 40 to 58 these radio 7 81 of Pipo nonevent, AccuWeather says. We're expecting an afternoon high of 48 for tonight Clear to partly cloudy skies with lows ranging from 24 in the western suburbs to 31 along the lakefront and then for tomorrow, mostly sunny, breezy and mild with a high of 50. Right now It's 45 in Highland Park and along Chicago's lakefront It's 45 at Midway. It's mostly sunny and 44 at O'Hare on the WBBM Market Watch. The Dow was up almost 38. Today, the S and P 500 gained nearly nine points and the NASDAQ was ahead by 111 at 2 50. Chicago's most trusted stop for updated news minute by MINUTE news RADIO 7 81 5.9 FM, A delivery driver is caught by a surveillance camera stealing packages from the lobby of an apartment building in the uptown neighborhood. This one was not very well thought out. The woman is a driver for the delivery service Postmates. Headlight on the website, CWB Chicago reads. She delivered their dinner. Then she took their packages. The driver was buzzed into the lobby, and after handing over the food, the surveillance camera caught her taking two packages and letting a man in who also took packages. It's just a matter of time before police will come knocking. The restaurant was notified and was expected to pass the information on to the delivery service. Mike Krauser News Radio one of 5.9 FM. The fitness industry has taken it on the chin during the pandemic, but to survive. One Chicago gym owner says he's had to offer new waves for clients to exercise safely while keeping business afloat. Studio three owner David Blitz says the pandemic has them rethinking the studio experience in March came we You know, you have kind of took a step back and evaluated what it was what was happening with new code restrictions.

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