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And that by excluding their competitors by excluding other app stores from existing on that device and Google's facing the same criticisms on Android, but by excluding competition and payment processing by excluding alternative app stores and that conduct excludes rivals and allows them to charge whatever price they want to. So what we've seen so far with apple is not so much pressure from government lawsuits from the enforcers, but apple's really embroiled in a lot of private litigation. Thanks, Jen. That's Bloomberg intelligence. Senior litigation analyst, Jennifer ree. This is Bloomberg. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business app. This is Bloomberg radio. Michigan state university is set to hold a candlelight vigil Wednesday after this week's deadly mass shooting. It'll be held at a popular on campus landmark known as The Rock to honor the victims and support the community. White House spokeswoman karine Jean Pierre says intelligence agencies are considering a potential explanation for the three unidentified flying objects shot down in the USA and Canada. The intelligence community did say that they are considering or looking at this to be potentially benign. She said that they may be tied to commercial or research efforts. The CEO of Goldman Sachs is slightly more optimistic about the state of the economy. David Solomon told investors at a conference in Miami the chances the economy can avoid a deep recession this year are improving. He said the chance of a so called softer landing feels better now than it felt 6 to 9 months ago. An alarming amount of animals are dying in areas near the Ohio train derailment, city MD director, Jeanette Nashua outlined what kind of harmful chemicals are in the air. There's a variety of chemicals on that train from isobutylene, ethylene, acetyl, and vinyl chloride. And of course, the greatest concern was

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