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Me and reminds me daily that I have a responsibility to those ancestors when I see them again I want to share happy. We members and thoughts about what we were trying to accomplish and thank them for what they did on our behalves and it means so much that way indeed even our ancestors were alive today when they see us. Young ones Hey I just call myself. When the when the a younger generations wearing their clothing there is that sense of pride in it makes me think of Migrate Grandmother Who always wore you know her traditional sled the clothing and those times where I would wear mine in in when she'd see me just the pride that she had in seeing You know this little Tara wearing her Monta in we had that in common Boy shoes wonderful woman. Glad I'm talking about her and there's so much there I could go on and on I know the two of you could to and there are so many stories and were excited to hear how you connect to any of this and if you are finding this inner podcasts. You're taking us for a run with you or taking us for a ride. We appreciate you connecting to this conversation when you get a moment go ahead. Didn't share your thoughts with us. You can do it on facebook you can tweet it to us at one. Eight hundred nine nine native or leave it directly on our website native America calling dot com and so just any things that are on your mind right now matthew. Is You hear this and we get ready to wrap go ahead. Matthew didn't understand the question does anything else. You're thinking rock your mocks heritage all these beautiful stories that are coming out. Maybe you have one more to add senior monks wearing your mom. My father other doesn't do social media in seventy one and he wears his mock all year long so He kinda feel happy. Happy that This day rolled around every year when everyone else is able to wear their Marxist well they are a very comfortable The the traditional method is a very comfortable shoot I would like to make one quick point Today many of us are faced with concrete floors and our feet weren't designed for something like that so if you can sneak down to local shoe shop or maybe your local local podiatrist and get rigid arch support and so that those inside your marcus means you can wear them all day on concrete and still have back pain at the end of the day night. Well maybe that's the next show next year is how to hack your moccasins. Got Any hacks for US Jessica hacks insoles effort. So they're they're pretty good for like I. I don't really have any hacks duct tape I got new moccasins. A couple days ago and moccasins before before had a duct tape on the bottom and my mum's friend said you couldn't get clear duct tape was because they were like bright blue duct tape on the my walk seekers. See them when I walk put duct tape works. You know. It's really interesting to the mock said I see in different climates like snow and You know of course the dirt and Stones and grass and I wonder about how there people adapt in what they use. What do they use an Alaska to keep them WEATHERPROOF weatherproof moisture proof. How do they keep their feet? Warm in Alaska those types of questions when he when I see them sins on online Jura I and I imagine it's a whole new world when you slip some rabid skin at the bottom of it for for some of that warmth All kinds of stuff. Maybe you have some mock hacks. Gordon tweeted to us. One eight hundred nine nine native and just your thoughts here. We are eight years. Rock your mocks and anything you WANNA share it with folks or anyone who just tuned in about why this is all happening Thoughts on why. This is all happening lately. I barely focused on the youth and to let the youth. If know that if you have an idea you know go forth with your idea To make it happen in just become the best person so you can and I like to say that I have. I have kind of paved the way for the younger generation and they see me and I i WanNa you know. Make this positive impact on them like again to let them know they can accomplish anything they wanted. They put their mind to it And that's not just with indigenous. There's youth youth all over. I really want to put that across in Kudos to those people who listen to you as a youth and said how can we support you. How can we be good relative? I recently spoke with Laguna Elementary Bilingual Class Laguna and it was a little bit personal for me. Because of the those are the Utha my community and just to see there is like when they hear his worldwide and just to hear when they hear what what they're made of in their little they loved it and I I it just it was just so hartwell are heartwarming to know that they're interesting. Something in that are our future. Generation will hopefully take on those rows and let our tradition. Go on that's a cooking in Melissa. There's all kinds of stuff. Where's the hub where people can find out or any events that may be buber going to be rocking harder? They're mocks okay. there's all kinds of events Throughout North America especially and Good news we finally have a website. Yeah Hey hey rock your marks dot org so we're going to get better at the website and do our best to For next year to start posting those events that are happening there are if you but for now it's scrolling through the hashtags and finding event near you so on our social media everything is under jour- rock your marks and that's on facebook twitter and instagram. So look those up but the best way the easiest way to find the photos is do the Hashtag rocker Max. Click on it and It's an online photo album. Basically so you get to enjoy everybody else's posts in people people get to enjoy yours as well are. Why can't wait to see how the weekend wraps up with Some of the things being planned and thank you. Thank you for tuning in today day. Thank you to our guests. Melissa Sanches Jessica Jalen at C. N. Matthew Anderson and we'll be back again on Monday with a conversation with Linda. Yeah War Jack. One of the leaders of the occupation of Alcatraz This year marks fifty years since the start of this notable event our executive producer is art hughes senior producers. Monica brain associate producer. Is Andy Murphy Marino. Spencer is engineer. Nola Days Moses Distribution Director and Bob. Peterson is a network manager manager for native voice. One Clifton Chadwick is a resource development specialist Antonio. Gonzales says the anchor and producer for national native news. I'm your host Tara. Gatewood will meet you here Monday..

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