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A campground in in late is abella and he decided to take a little dip in the current river and apparently this kern river has a nickname killer kern and seven people have died since march he makes number eight he's number eight in now one person died from a heart attack don't fully understand what happened there there to other people that are missing so this is a river that you don't wanna get in i think this person if i remember the story the person you died of heart attack died because he was like fighting the current i'll i see i think that's what a less well that does make sense so again another another sad story ands and it's really bad and now you know what the first three stories here a real downer's in indiana a person whose stupidity spilled over into a kind of evil decided it'd be a good idea to give his two sons a lesson in gun safety so far so good so far it's a story of a responsible parent who wants to impress upon his kids that guns are dangerous and don't play with guns and if you see a gun don't pick it up and don't play with it however here was his lesson plan he has the gun and his two kids are there any telling them about don't pick up a gun and guenther dangerous his daughter walks into the room what does he do to make his point to the two sons he points the gun at his daughter impulsive trigger turns out the gun was not unloaded as he thought she's dead he is charged with mid collective a dependent resulting in death battery resulting in death to a person under fourteen reckless homicide and two tumour counts of neglect of a dependent which i assume half the do with the two sons who were in the room facing twenty to forty years he thought the gun was empty now sometimes you'll see a story about a dea agent or a local police officer will go to a classroom jennifer you've probably seen these stories allott sore and they're doing a gun safety thing and the guy and.

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