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In the way the coverage and hold on. Let me let me do this because it is this Joe Killian or Billy Ball from Cardinal and Pie. This is Joe Killian. It is kind of funny. How many of the The former mainstream media quote unquote mainstream media reporters for various outlets like the News and Observer and the T V stations and such around there that they end up going to work over there at N. C. Policy watching the progressive poles and all that, like it is kind of I just note how many of them land at these left wing organizations after the newsrooms gets so gutted, and I'm supposed to believe that they're just doing the same solid, unbiased, objective journalism now that they were doing then or something? Well, there's a couple in the thread. There's a couple points that he makes, and one of them is You know, Here's the thing about being a reporter doesn't grant you superpower, special rights or privileges. Just a member of the public writes for a living, But over the course of my career, I stood up for conservatives and liberals who were denied access to public spaces or meetings. And that's where I had to stop reading because I remember the entirety of the, uh The the journalistic elite here in North Carolina, who watched while their colleagues were essentially muted in every governor's press conference for over a year. Never raise a finger or an objection. So policy watch can kiss my ass. Okay, well, now to be fair, they were not allowed to ask questions either, and they have been denied their N C. General Assembly. Press credentials. Just like Carolina journal, folks. That John Locke have been right. Right, right? Yeah, So, uh and I don't remember. But I don't remember policy watch writing a piece on this. Oh, no, that is absolutely correct. They have not done that. True. As Carolina Journal made a point about once a quarter to point this out, so Right? Yeah. Yeah, And and look, And here's the other thing. It wasn't a public meeting. It's a closed session. You're not allowed to go into a closed session to hear the discussions about a personnel matter now, could you imagine that? I think this through had the board of trustees allowed those kids and their bullhorn and chanting and childish behavior to be present in that meeting to listen to the debate occur. Could you imagine? Like the lawsuit from Nicole Hannah Jones and her attorneys like Of course it would be coming. You can't. You can't allow the public in on a personnel discussion like that. Well, you know what, though? At the end of the day, you know what? Maybe maybe you just got to get them what they want. You know what? I'm so that? Yeah, That is the lesson in all cases when this is one of my beefs, always with the left in the media, But I repeat myself, which is like, you know, the tie goes to the runner kind of rule that you played with. You know, when you're playing baseball as a kid tie goes to the runner. Okay, well, they always want the tie to go to them. They're always the runner. Anytime. There's any kind of like question one way or the other. It's always like, well, it goes to us. Obviously, like the default is always win in doubt. Give it to us. Yeah. No, no, no. I'm just saying, let him because it would. It would essentially devolved into something where you would conduct and and approved nothing. Because you wouldn't be able to get any of it done so eventually as every time they go in there, and they essentially do something that stops the progress from being made that they wanted. I'm just hoping at one point mentally breaks through to him. It probably won't. Then it will just be a very interesting experiment to stand and watch from a distance. But in this instance I'm like, let him but I have to move on to something else because If that little thread that I read part of from policy watch, Dude irritated me. Nothing irritated me more. Then the governor all of a sudden deciding That the Council of State will go ahead and make the decision on whether the eviction moratorium remains and nobody in the mainstream media, pointing out the utter hypocrisy of a guy sitting with a court injunction in his hand. In doing this to deflect. It's like it's like the purge, but politics, right? You know the the purge where you're like you're in this window where you can do anything you want, And it's then and only then you come to realize what a horrible monster you've become. And I and I feel like that's the environment that this governor exist in where nobody will ever push back on anything. He does even something so patently hypocritical. So blatantly hypocritical is this So why wouldn't you assume you can do whatever you damn well please. Well, sure. Yeah, absolutely. There's no there. I've called it this for years. I call it the Big D shield. Excite You Hold this thing up as a Democrat. Really call it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You call it the big D shield the Big D shield and you hold it up in? Yeah, exactly. You hold it up in front of anything really, really. Hold that up in front of anything, though, indeed. And it protects you. How about Children Hold that in front of Children to you Can I don't know what I mean. I don't know where you want to hold this thing in front of that's up to you. I'm just saying it protect you. From all sorts of negative media coverage of applying eyes. It's it's It works as a fantastic shield against all of the kind of examination that is, usually, you know, uh, projected onto people of a different political persuasion. But you are right, like there's The only reason you would do something like they did, And it was so it was so obvious and such a JV move, like honestly, like everybody could see what what? What they were doing much like the Democrats in their pivot to blame Republicans for the defund strategy, which, by the way, just a side note there. If, um If the Republicans were the party of defunding the cops. Wouldn't that mean then the squad would hook up with them on that. Seriously, like, wouldn't get Cori Bush be joining the GOP that was there. Position on this stuff. But she's a fan of the Big D, though, so maybe so. So that's like it's a It's an obvious and clumsy pivot. And we all saw it for what it was, but nobody thinks this is. It's another criticism I had, which is like the political press corps in this state. For some reason, they can never divine a political motive for anything Democrats ever do. Now. If it's a Republican, they automatically know there's some political machination of foot, right? They can..

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