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The field. When the horses break from the starting gate. They go by the colors, the silk colors. Curtiz, you well know, is the announcer at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky. There are two horses in here. Trained by Chad brown, crowded trade and risk taking. Both are owned by Clara Bitch Stables, So the colors the silks of the jockeys are wearing will be the same for both. How did they differentiate between the two? This is where the announcer needs a really good, friendly working relationship with the folks down in the jocks room who are in charge of what color cap the jockey's going to wear. And I have a feeling that today and I haven't glanced out the window to take a look. But I have a feeling that probably one of those jockeys will wear a red cap, and one of those jockeys probably will wear a white cap and then beyond that, Mike You look for distinguishing characteristics on the horse's face. Maybe one force, of course, might have a birthmark, a blazed face. Another horse might have a piece of equipment this brightly colored like a set of blinkers to restrict the vision or a shadow roll toe. Block the horse from seeing shadows on the track. Anything you can you confined to differentiate you're going to find him. The horses are moving toward the starting gate. We're just about two or three minutes away from the start of this one. The middle Jule of the Triple Crown. Can Medina spirit take the next step toward What would be a triple Crown opportunity in Belmont in three weeks, based on what happens with the results coming from the test is being done in Louisville after the Kentucky Derby. Horses circling now they'll move toward it is a time mentioned a gorgeous day in Baltimore, with temperatures in the mid seventies and fast main track 10 horses, much smaller field that what we saw two weeks ago in Baltimore with 19. Tom. What is the key to victory today for Medina spirit, If indeed he is going to have a shot at that Triple crown in three weeks, I think it will have a lot to do with the run down the stretch the first time How much pressure hey gets Can he get to the lead as he did in the Derby? Will they even want to? Well, they want to let their stablemate concert tour perhaps captured the lead on A racetrack that was biased toward front runners that day, and the other time he was unable to pass. So two times he was unable to pass a worse that horse was life is good, who was supposed to be the top three year old in the country before an injury, so it may have just been circumstances that kept him from passing horses in previous opportunities. If one goes, if he pick a horse to win the Preakness today, Mike on the basis of looks Midnight bourbon looks Tremendous. Yeah. I mean, this is a big horse who carries himself in a regal fashion and looks around the surroundings at Pimlico as though he thinks he's the king like he owns all that he sees. We're about to find out if that's the case. Tom, who you picking I ended up on Keep me keep me in mind because I didn't have a strong opinion. So I thought I would go for a price and a horse that came out of the Derby, which is generally the way to win the Preakness more often than not. And this horse had a troubled trip and had to swing really wide to make his stretch run. And he got seven. And I think he could run a better race today, Curt gonna go with crowded trade from the barn of Shad Brown. I think Javier Castellano puts him in a perfect stocking position, but the key he's got a safe ground around both turn, Kurt. We were re rarely do well when we actually agree on the same horse. But I'm with me on this one. I like crowded trade, too. I think that he can run a big race here today. He's coming into it. And find shape. He's training really well. He's a horse that I think has a lot of ability, Chad Brown said. He's hoping he can get the distance we're going to find out in just a couple of moments is the horses have indeed arrived at the starting gate. They have begun to load their circling behind the gate. Now the jockeys trying to keep the mounts. Calm and collected as they move into line again. They load two by two here at Pimlico, so Ram and midnight bourbon, for example, the one in the five will move in tow line together. You can see Number seven, The horse has been competing in Japan and the United Arab Emirates, France go Davina behind the gate. He's giving the handlers a bit of a hard time here and this This. You'll see this with horses who come from overseas from time to time. They're not used to walking into a big starting gate in front of 10,000 people is there are today again, not a typical Preakness crowd. But there are fans in attendance. The war will go out is the horse's lead the starting gate. It is just about time for the middle Jule of Horse Racing's Triple Crown, the 146th running of the Preakness Stakes. NBC's Larry Comas has the call. Thanks, Mike. Midnight..

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