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On instagram. Welcome to the show spirit. Can you tell us a bit about pits? Pitch please pitch please so pitch. Please is a competition that we introduced last year and the cash prize was ten thousand dollars and it was basically for full mica to golf and make film and whether it was a short fiction documentary or web series pilot This year we are actually showing the winning film of of made the Movie Saas. Yep So this is actually going to be screening at our P. Not an hour. Strange shorts will screen at our peanuts and Australian shorts. An awards program. It's the willed premie end. I was sort of thinking by the Saddam so proud of it so great that we as a festival of become sort of not only just people that are putting something become as well content. I think it's great to be able to support queer voices and queer filmmakers in that why we're doing it again this year. So I'm a raid. Six finalists kind of already go tomorrow. In fact let's cool. What's the process of that like? Well the process is a lot of applicants. And everyone's sort of submits you know. They'll you know the summit scripts and I think you'll sort of also basing it on the viability of is something okay said spice. Don't shine buck. Yeah Yep so. I think there's sort of all those kind of things to consider and also I think also bad weather that filmmakers representing Diversity is behind the camera in front of the cameras. Well we we submitted last year. I think Oh maybe overlay superman with two million application into like a horror film about dating me. There's like a queer film about you know relationship. Yeah like a person of color in it. It was a horror film but I think it didn't take off any of the like nice spark co sending it again. Oh before you can shop. You mentioned John Mortars before you are a huge John. Lewis Fan for those uninitiated. Can you tell a little bit about who years? And how he's work informed Quia filmmaking today. Well he's from Baltimore have introduced a screening of his. We did a few years ago talking. He's lost three months ago. Yeah he was. Yeah yeah he did like a sort of video recording us which is go. I think he's just. He was a filmmaker. There really was sort of someone who was completely outside the box even in Quia sort of cultural as well he was totally invoice and Sensibility. I think that's what I love about him. Then but it's what he celebrates for you to kind of fly that flag a you know. He wanted to be and he kind of created his own sort of superstars. He's kind of he was his version of the Warhol. Sorta studio yes John Waters Troop divine and. He really sort of celebrates outsiders who tend to sit in reference. You know quite a few of these films as well. What can I say about the best? When did you see I saw famous trouble when I was like thirteen? Blew my mind because I actually thought it was like a cotton and saying well. I think my introduction term was probably polyester and it was his wretched sniff reviews and I was like wow gave you a scratch gave you star John Order. It'd be Legislated with Pink Flamingos. Don't even know what that is divine eights. Doug Shiva spoiler spoiler alert once dragon. Someone's looking like divine. I was like Oh take. It wasn't what I was going for. Thank you so much for coming in to our little vesper song. Dsp appreciate now. People want to feel what seven days after the program? If people want to jump on and have a look at what's happening in and booked tickets website is probably the best way to do it calms you. We have an APP as well. Atla get on the APP pave in Heaven Swipe Ryan. We'll see what the clarinet party. I'll send you a nice pitch. The horror of what about three people that he works on a podcast. Put It in outer space. Now don't put the Horon for twenty twenty one guys don't set in and out of space if you're apple apple pie a lot of stuff coming in that episode on.

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