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Through their pitching staff so fast now they had to mark Reynolds in the night thinning any but he give up to give up a couple times but if each I I from what I understand you try to throw a knuckle ball with they they the player said you are you got to see mark Reynolds knuckleball then apparently tried to throw it in the game and then hit the better with it so I can like you in the one of the pre game Rockies throws the for the opening the first page right for the Rockies yeah lobster for corporate pitches yeah so that's what it's come down to the if you lose an NFL game by two touchdowns in field goal I mean you probably haven't played very well but if you lose a Major League Baseball game by two touchdowns and a field goal that's that's all I have to do in San Francisco I mean it seems like this was the perfect match up you've got Marquez throwing or Marcus whatever and Sam says goes one of the poorest hitting teams statistically I think they're batting average right now the team is below two forty so but again in baseball it's it's what they have to place normally seven game series because in one game I mean anything can happen right and it did yeah you never want to lose nineteen to two but you're really don't ever want to lose nineteen to two first game of a doubleheader so you you just blew through I don't know how many pictures they use today but nineteen runs were the pictures and now you got to throw again tonight plus twelve nothing after three yeah I scored was all jazz chords yeah well runs in three attempts so twelve runs before they made nine outs it just one of the I mean that's just when you shake your head and say well okay hopefully tonight will be better so the Rockies went through four pictures one of them was a mark Reynolds so they really went through three pitchers not bad for a nineteen run game so you there and you could see the strategy but black just trying to save that pitching staff sables arms as much as he can with another game to play here tonight Rockies on deck it's six first pitch at six forty and it I think I said this to but when he was on a week or two ago there seems to be an alarming number of runs being scored a coarse field now by both teams not just his opponents Rockies as well and I I is this this can't end well for your pictures it just can't you can't sustain a half a year like this well this season is not gonna end well for the Rockies if if they can't in the you know this there's no magic pill but if they can't get this pitching staff to a spot where you know they're a lot better than they've been and I I think but does a great job managing his staff but the reality of it is again recall we had him on but I asked him about whether or not any in yes dancer but is gonna be careful our answers you know we talked at the start of the season I and I said I think they're one maybe one starter short and that was with cal frequent expecting him if not the duplicate last year to be a double digit winner mean that hasn't happened so thank you there one short before Friedland implodes now in it what do you how he answered that if I say it and when I asked him I said you know are you one guy sure he he thought getting cal free went back the second half of the season would be in essence adding a veteran artnet will seek free let's start on Saturday it didn't it didn't work out for me did have a couple of tough hits were you know they didn't put the barrel battle the bear the barrel of the bat on the ball but they still managed to get hits but it wasn't you know what in nearly as crisp as the Rockies would have liked yeah I think I think child was probably disappointed in that starred in I'm guessing Rockies were as well to get another chance to see what he can do in the rotation but yeah they they really need him and that that could look at the other night in that game that's Saturday game what would a three hour rain delay how late did that kill anybody know it went almost to one o'clock one o'clock in the morning we you and I were having dinner together Saturday night and when the dinner was about done this I said during the first inning yeah they just was like nine thirty I felt like while in a tunnel runs were scored in the game it aspect Mackey said a four nothing lead Saturday one of losing the game therefore nothing lead Sunday in the first inning wound up winning the game but having to come from behind get the win it's just Hey it's it's it's tough enough to win it's virtually impossible to win when you're starting staff is right now pitching the way they have I mean yeah I I would make the case of John grace probably your best starter right now I think you're right I'd like to know how many fans were in the stadium at the end of that game Saturday night you are both from the call yeah you want to yeah we we probably have an influence everyone always and.

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