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That's easy manet there is I mean. Washington DC is just filled with lobbyists who have tons of Chinese money. It they own Hollywood. China owns most of Hollywood at this point. And one of the main guys in. Dc is ambassador Cui Tiankai and this is a mover Shaker. He's at all the right parties. He's got tons of dough. You can register. Most people don't but you can register under Pharaoh that for an agency registration foreign agents registration act and you can just be in bars. Talk About China. Talk Them Up. How about New York Times Square? Where's that money go? There's money there's tons of money going into campaigns it's it's it's rife of chorus corrupt from the CIA. It's Chinese corruption has taken over the Democrat Party and not just the Democrat Party. Come on let's be honest about this at all. Politicians are susceptible to this but the Democrats. Yeah Obama bowed when he went. Tricalm's like hey there was the one of the first things I almost fell over without so low now. They were all about China. Because that's where all the money was. There's a lot of Windsor. Also about China they give you ask the nuclear secrets and then I can see Romney being all up in China because of his connection to Bain capital's Chinese money of course. Well we're doomed. I do have a clip from face the nation together. Some people out there. Dan mclintock getting no Chinese money. Thank you how good life would be. Listen China we've got your number. Joe You want us to lead up to four dot org slash. We'll talk. Here's the Chinese ambassador was on face. The Nation with a very interesting way of evading. The question about the Wuhan. Mas The corona virus being a possible biological agent. Listen carefully Senator Tom. Cotton who sits on the Senate intelligence and Armed Services Committee suggested that the virus may have come from China's biological warfare program. That's an extraordinary charge. How do you respond to that? It's true that is still unknown. Scientists Chinese scientists American scientists scientists of other countries are doing their best to learn more about the virus. But it's a very harmful. It's very dangerous to stir up suspicion rumors and spread them among the people to create panic. Another saying that to a friend up ratio discriminations. Is You know phobia all these said. We really harm our John Efforts to combat the virus of their whole kinds of speculation and rumors that pupil these viruses are coming from some military lab not China maybe in the United States. How can we believe all these crazy things? I think it's crazy crazy. Where did the virus come from? We still don't know yet. It's probably accordance with some initial outcome of the research coming from animals but we have to discover more about it. It's interesting he doesn't actually deny it he doesn't say no. No no no no. That's not possible. He says well you know. It's very harmful to have these rumors. Some people say it's from America. Like never say Yeah. Well the interesting thing about that interview. Is THAT HIS FIRST PHRASE? When she asked the question the very first thing he says And this is a truth. Wants to come out I. I know it's true. I know let's listen again. You're so I was ready to senator. Tom Cotton who sits on the Senate. Intelligence and Armed Services Committee suggested that the virus may have come from China's biological warfare program. That's an extraordinary charge. How do you respond to that? I think it's true that a lot is still unknown. Think it's true that a lot is still unknown. You go and of course if you're going to be asked a question like that this is just a all the elements of ally. Otherwise you just say no. That's that would that would be the simple way to do it. Did you have anything on Wuhan or Now nothing new. I mean I I might have this. Would this what's on the list? Now I have. I have this one which is not really new. But it's worth mentioning here. We go we also have a new name for the virus. The World Health Organization nineteen. Benjamin Newman is professor of biological sciences at Texas N. University and he was on the panel considering these new names he told the BBC. What's involved in choosing a name for the virus? Stops here for saying it is so disappointing to me? It sounds like a birth control pill we name hurricanes we give them girl names boy getting boy named or. Why do we have to do this? Cove in nineteen. We're trying not to name a person a place and on the corona buyers naming committee we decided not to include playing nineteen in the main as the. Who did we may renaming? The disease was that they're actually five woman. Viruses depend outbreaks this year including merced around virus. And so the year isn't particularly indicative Blah Blah. You guys are not good marketers. That's that's the bottom marketeers. The clip I have is the WHO about the world. Health Organization Kovacs Who Nineteen Clip. The World Health Organization is warning. The Corona virus poses a grave threat to the world as the death toll in China tops. Eleven hundred people with more than forty four thousand confirmed infections worldwide with ninety nine percent of cases in China. This remains very much an emergency for that country but one that hold is a very grave threat for the rest of the world less. We use the window of opportunity that we have now. Meanwhile at least one hundred seventy four people have now tested positive for corona virus on the quarantine cruise ship the princess which is docked off the coast of Japan. There are thirty six hundred people aboard the ship where crew members say. The workers aren't being protected from infection. Yeah well that will go on for a little bit longer until it's just dropped. They changed the counting methodology. So now it looks like we had a huge spike in in cases and deaths So that the thing that actually probably hurt the market a little bit this morning but it's back up again so this is all being played thinking just being played this is not i. Just don't see this being any kind of only started out like we've been through this. We've we've we've been to this movie John. We've we did this swine flu. H One one SARS. Haven't we seen it all and it's like no old people die from pneumonia people who aren't just a regular old-fashioned flu. Yeah yeah so I think. there's a lot of plane going on but at least now we can pay attention and maybe some companies will learn their lesson neo. Apple might have learned their lesson. They brought some minute manufacturing back to the states We'll see who else learns a lesson but for sure there's GonNa be stuff that we don't have anymore for awhile. I think that's it's almost impossible that they can get things going fast enough to you know it's all as we've talked about just in time so we're people are gonNA start losing Missing out on parts missing out in time exactly. It and with that. I'd like to thank you for your courage in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in the Basseterre St John C. Devora in the morning you and Mr Adam Curry in the morning all ships AC- boats on the graphics in the air subs in the water and all the dame's nights out there. Yes in the morning to our trolls who've been very trolley. Super trolling very trolling. I'm doing a whole presentation. They're just making racist jokes. Well at least you can do it here. That's kind of what the troll room has four so we're glad that you're having fun. Let me see how. Many people are in their trolling at the moment. Live troll count. One thousand eighty seven trolls doing their job also a big in the morning to the artists who brought us the artwork four episode. What worry twelve fifteen and let me just bring that up for a second? The title of that was Omni Apocalypse. Which I still think we've titled Another show on the apocalypse somewhere in the past own. Never want to thank Darren. O'neill that's right. The man with a plan Darren. Oh from the radio and he brought us the artwork. It was I mean you couldn't ask for more intelligentsia with the appropriate nerd. Smiley face joined the INTELLIGENCIA. The artwork pop it was funny. It was relevant to the to what was discussed and I. I don't think there was even a seconded that was one and done I think. Do you remember remember. I don't remember you don't remember. It was perfect and we love it in again when you look at your podcast APP and see that artwork change in something fresh there. It invites you to listen the whole point part of value for value network. Thank you very much Darren. O'neill then we have people who support the show financially These are Associate executive producers and we start with our executive producers at the top of the list and at the very top of the list. Today is a day. Focus Oto the earl earl earl Dave and he said a feature length film script with with with lighting directions. Yeah he contributed for Twenty eight twenty and this of course is One of our top guys at the moment and so this script. I have the treatment here. Oh yes joins a little bit aside as we call that. I got my side here and I'm going to read it. I tried to edit it. But it's one of these stories you know. He likes to tell these tales of travel. And they're interesting enough. That is probably worth reading. I skipped a couple of things but not too much. My Dame's are traveling for another competition. So bunches of flowers would just be another thing to topple over while driving and drop pedals and leaves around a hotel room generally troublesome therefore because I love them. I'm donating two hundred fourteen dollars and ten cents to for each.

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