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Numbers is called a slippery slope Catherine Lewin the reporter online at S. F. reporter dot com forty six minutes after three the right making I was in the canyons we'll be coming right back to the Richard each show voice of Santa Fe here on JT RC Santa fe's news talk later four seasons resort Rancho encantada Santa Fe invite you to the fifth annual tree lighting ceremony on December sixth from six to eight PM this year will benefit girls Inc a local non profit charity dedicated to enriching the lives of girls three dynamic learning experiences twenty four gingerbread houses will be auctioned off the contain surprise items like gift certificates for dinner and terra restaurant and more to learn more visit four seasons dot com slash Santa Fe for work school shopping or general services save money and right Eldorado Edgewood last house espagnol and walk a with twenty seven of twenty nine or he can get you to go work for small feet left our TV mountain trail your right to ski Santa Fe download the my stop to always know where your bus is in real time dot com Danny mass run is conducted by middle and high school students of Santa Fe prep students efforts have amassed an endowment of over three hundred thousand dollars at the Santa Fe community foundation a student committee makes all decisions for use of proceeds and planning the run we are currently supporting to Santa Fe families of children with cancer if you would like to support this year's fortieth annual run on Friday April third twenty twenty four if you know a child with cancer in the Santa Fe area in me please email DMR as of press dot org join us on brave space every Saturday morning at nine AM on twelve twelve sixty a and then wonder three point seven FM where women those borders women those who identify as women and those who support women will shape feminist ideas inspirations and reflections that are shaping our world today come on in to the brave space when we break it down to gather these.

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