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To undo mindful city run has on their government that translates sounds of the small local things like corruption yeah it's always local wishes that ultimately drive people streets we saw the same thing in Lebanon and also as you mentioned that the protest in the ground as well so there there is a there is a ground swell of consistency against this regime and the key is to keep that is the message that it some story and not to not to insert the U. S. as in America because of course that they're not just further referred to buy tickets so that might otherwise be are supporting well one last question you may or may not know the answer make sure you see this movie Mosel it's all the streaming services going get it extend Gabriel former CIA officer in any made the film when it comes to Iran do the people there have the power to to to get their government back or do they have to use the estate of his religious theocracy forever and I ask this because I don't know what that would be the mechanisms of the military are that are there people in the military there do you think they could have sort of stand down and allow people to rise up or they completely controlled by the ayatollahs yeah I I think in this case the the military is the I mean the I told to have a in order to modern influence over the military so that I think so the military coup if you will is unlikely all good with that stuff so we need to really think along what is our strategy what what can we do in the region what we do I'm gonna run to to support our forces you know forces of freedom it's it's an interesting quite bar I've learned more this conversation that I think I do over the past ten or so years and I appreciate that I cannot wait to go in just this a movie that you put together called Mosel M. O. S. U. all that of course is a city in Iraq yes is that yes the second largest city in assuming that this incident we would appreciate being here real coming on check out that movie on all your streaming services M. O. S. U. L. Mosel great information great education appreciative stopping by I do believe that we white the phones clean and we're gonna we're gonna get a shot again and and see that echo is gone to give you a call right now one eight hundred five zero.

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