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A first down for Utah turtles gonna learn the teams are going to attack when they give up some stuff that gets with his really kill the children's this far this year have a really tough to go through with that guy goes emotion get ready for the play. first the thirty nine. brown deep about six yards behind the quarterback it was up on his center a rarity any day. the company yeah. thirty seven. under the twelve. yeah. it's really not that I want to tell a little. a lot today is gonna be out the mix it up this run game to slow down the fact that you talked to Brian Thompson who has fought for balls the hundred seventy three yards one thing we did talk about agreeing so their privilege and throw the ball long they take shots. the Trojans. didn't look good against long passes in summer. the role in this way throws on the run. Katz is made and how to bounce Greg Johnson knocking the receiver Thompson just mentioned about about the forty five giving Utah make a whole thirty four at their own forty five yard line their first third down play the game they're averaging forty three percent of the proceeds only seven percent of the season yeah it's going to be four to see what the truth is due on these kind of situations it's not long it's kind of thirty intermediate they bring the try to get that to me it's it's gonna be which is the work of a gay play can't come up with this. five receiver sets look out for Britain probably the troops and killers slot on the news side snap back the Huntley time being rose throws incomplete. the twenty five yard line the back man makes the kids that is Jaylen Dixon Dixon with alone. inside the joke to twenty to the seventeen yard line I was looking at the up band he threw it over his head the guy put his arms up to say hi computer load to be I was wide open. instead it ends up in Nixon's arms actor John to be on the on the on that one it's it's unfortunate to put the two great rush had to stay a step up from Christian record the kettle motel Hurley knock it down just on the public record Johnson. got to keep the receivers in front of you with this offense they need all the time Tupac said. coming this way. misty. the two. ladies first. a string of. he's over there to make the play all right. the charges that they expect to do anything to get the guitar is done the bodies in that area to make up. that's the point for jade and reading. he's made all eleven the season. whistles before the. it got away. but the whistles killed the play he of course coming in for another all time greats in Utah and mac games. and they're gonna backbeats off five yards. also. sixty five. another Australian who actually played with US he's been reckless in the Australian football league for Richmond. so the back about by this is just a little bit longer is all for Jane and reading. this case. just like the other one was. ten thirty nine left first quarter both teams scoring easily on their first drives at USC seven Utah seven in the Trojan football radio to. is everywhere I'm a cooler drive into a tail gate so you filled me up with icing can topple..

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