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Senate began to put new kinds of people that the sec at the nlrb at the food and drug administration and all of these agencies slow an economy by excessive regulation we believe a combination of regulatory relief comprehensive tax reform particularly the business side of the tax reform making american businesses more competitive making it less likely to jobs will be offshore the the way to get these tommy go on and annual harden wrote all the predictions about our corporations would react to those and early indications are with at least eleven announcement so far that employees are going to benefit up from in a wide array of different blood off by two enthused now flint that there were gonna give two hundred thousand girls employs one thousand dollar bonus for christmas uh a thought all we did this year of the national defense authorization act which authorizes the condom spending the defense department continue to carry out its mission with dress the opioid crisis again on the heels of what we did on the previous congress with both the 21st century cures act and the opioid bill without several veterans bills to budgets disaster relief fda reauthorization none of those like big headlines because many of them are not a particularly controversial but it's part of a doing the job we were sent here to do schofield very good about this year and um i think we've made a difference for the country and beginning to move it right of centre which was the opportunity presented to us by the american people having a president a house panel sean without i'll be happy to take your questions spouse senate majority leader mitch mcconnell live on capitol hill un the president had both talked about 2018 being a.

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