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And i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters as we've been reporting the art all night festival in trenton is the scene of a mass shooting this morning the mercer county prosecutor says at least one person is dead and twenty were injured including four critically when two suspects opened fire during the crowded festival that showcases local art it happened about three this morning the prosecutor says one of the suspects that thirty three year old man was killed the yield curve is a big deal had you might want to be watching the treasury market yield curve which has been flattening and moving toward inversion a signal that has historically preceded recessions will be in focus this week traders will be on the lookout for any signals from policymakers who have speeches lined up in the us and at a european central bank conference in portugal the main event is an appearance by fed chair jerome powell but also this week the saint louis feds james bullard and the atlanta fed's rafael bostick both of whom have expressed concern about the risk of inversion we'll speak the ten year note was last quoted out yield of two point nine two percent when you watch baseball on tv you probably watch more for the graphic that shows you whether the pitches on target then you do the empire but that may change for a while is bloomberg's joan doniger reports the reason a fight over ownership of the technology a week after opening day sports media technology sued mlb advanced media for patent infringement and trade secret debt sports media claims major league baseball digital media arm poached a senior manager violated a.

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