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Because it gets super calm in the very middle yeah yeah yeah and he was telling me he's like look and it was so true and here he he and your just alone and I went there it's rainy and stand on it so yeah that was kind of and then we had another day like fifteen feet swells up so you're not okay you're in a sailboat so you're writing down the wave and then writing up the wave yeah this is the part where I am clearly not a sailor and some people just our motion sick like I get that yeah and and they say that everybody gets motion sickness every sailor will barf at some point I haven't yet but I might okay house but when you're writing up the wave it's like okay and then you're running down the wave and the wave is taller than the boat yeah I mean I don't want that that's not gonna like crossed over you because you're gonna ride it but at one point I looked and the boat is you know fifteen feet tall from the bottom to the top looking and I'm like Kurt that wave that's coming our way is already taller than the boat he's like yeah that's probably over fifteen feet I'm just like all right and they had told us not to leave they said you're heading right into a storm this walls are fifteen to twenty not when they're twenty five knot winds and the swells are fifteen to twenty feet and I can't get out of it like you can't no you can't be like all we got to go now we can't hide in anywhere we don't like go inside no that's the part it's not so much the way it's going to come like crash over meet my fear is we're gonna flip over and we're going to be the Poseidon experience well and boats like sailboats if they flip and they can they'll flip right back up because the keel but if you're radically there's opposed to have our life jackets on a couple days and there's this thing called the little springs leases some kinda line that the sailor can clip themselves and yeah and as they walk their clipping yeah make sure that if they fall out of the boat their attacks yeah endive I'm like do you have that like he's like no there isn't one so he had like this rope tied onto him and he is like it's super windy and his like I thought this is what you did this is an emergency you know he's like tell me all the stuff I'm like you I'm just going to probably cry self and I can.

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