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My life. So I'm just glad i. get the opportunity I. Don't know if you're recording whatever but you know if MOCHA here this I've said it to him. I've said it to other people August. Easy I'm easy giving credit where credit is due. So Mo Mo is forever has a place in my heart and I know this gets a little money on this I'm a little money on this because I know that you have said to me you're the one that told me about dukes. Oh It was the fucking the the craigslist. I thought it was a woman Cheryl Pierce or something like that. I thought she had told me that. So listen and I'm a man of a certain age and I'm a man of a certain age with an older memory. So things got a little bit foggy but you know if you tell me that you told me about this craigslist and I believe you. 'cause I could us when we had a conversation Why don't you go I thought I had suggested why don't you go talk to the guy and you run the open Mike and you weren't into it for some reason? No. Yeah. I saw and I was like Oh. This'll be cool for Dave to do because like I I don't think that at that time I could have done anything like that because like I wasn't fully developed invested and and then like, and I always looked at you as a guy who was like was like so natural and the way I talked to people that like it was it would be a lot easier for you A. Lot. Easier for you to do that just not not only been people up but the way your personality is on stage it. It of raising you know. More. Yeah. Well, thank you very much there by the way I think now you know you would be great at it. It's definitely a specialty. You're great at what you do stand up. Yeah. Don't talk about it on the show, but you'll graded stand up and I haven't heard the last nine ten interviews say anything about that. I think maybe John said something but you're great stand up you really are and You know. Without, a doubt if I could do anything for you know if I could you waiting view you? I'm no longer in the business. That's why I'm on this show. Comics in the sad part about you doing all these interviews, what's going to come of it? Nobody's in the business anymore to help you. Out Everybody's out but anyway, but you never know but yeah, I would do anything if I could. And you've come a long way, 'cause you grow as a person and a personality. So but hosting is really something that's totally false hosting is completely different like. Once I once I got like the kind of idea that like a one thing and and when I created that show upstate whatever at your house, like that was like my real Kinda Kinda go into a whole thing and I think I think it might have been also the comedy works the up there when. WanNa. Contest it's one of those things but like. Once you recognize what your personality is. You know then then then you can go there and do it. But like I realized that my personality as as a host in as standup are are two different things and so like learning how to have that energy up up front as as a host is is so fucking draining that like I. Do, it's fucking like like by the by the end of the show I feel like I feel like I've I've just done like a torn Iraq like that's. It's a lot. It's a lot. So you know. Even even even if someone kind of Fox up you, you still got like take that and then bring the show back up that with the next person has like you know a good foot in you know it's A. Crazy crazy thing of obese. But now I learned it literally, I'm not the best at hosting right now like I'm not like the best host, but I know how to be a good host where people be like you'll what this this was. This was an awesome show. Yeah. You know it's so funny to say that because I really never felt any of that and I'm not saying that to Brag. But I think it was out of ignorance. It wasn't because I'm so cool. Yes. I'm like I don't know I'm just doing what they're. What am I do I guess I just bring up the next guy in you know and also wow I talk more to do more stand up and I never had any material. So we just talk whatever came out of my head Blah you know. They opened my mouth. I would breathe. It's like that Eddie Murphy movie was that Dave what was that when he's into guys Ed. Oh Yeah and Dave. No. No. No, it's not meet Dave I. Don't. Like Alien? Yeah. I've got name of that movie. Yeah. Well, it's. Murphy. Some of them were forgettable but. He just you know he did some bums but that's okay. Yes. So anyway so it's like. The voices of my head you know there was A. Movie inside out whatever you know. Voices apparently tell me what sailor you just want him saying nothing you're right. It's. Meet Day actually. Dave Ya Ya. Look at you doubting my Eddie Murphy Film. Knowledge I know my Eddie Murph- Eddie. Murphy bums. I never saw it. I never saw it because the reviews bad I never went but and wait a minute wasn't okay. It's not your typical Eddie Murphy movie but like it wasn't a bad movie, you know it was very different for at the time you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, but yeah but it was fun to do and by the way getting paid for it was really great and. I got I got paid a certain amount for a while and then got paid another amount for the last while and I was like I always had money in my pocket. Yeah. I had money and I like I wouldn't leave it in my sock drawer carrying around and they were tired I was walking around with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket. I was like this is great. You know a truck of a truck driver during the night and I'm also well. I can't say I was a comedian during the day. So I was doing both which was not a great idea, but it was great having that money and by the way I don't know if this is true but I would always tell people it's not that I brag about it but it would come up in conversation I considered myself and I could be wrong. But I considered myself the second highest paid comedian in the Albany capital district area for that entire time. Based on the numbers of what I was getting paid on a Saturday night. which was a little bit more than bill and I don't know what the kids are calling today but I'll call it a bill. Bill. Times that by fifty weeks forget about fifty two times that by fifty weeks you know I don't know what Greg was getting for his shows but nobody else was. That other guy was doing that other show I don't know if anybody was making five thousand dollars a year or you know. Other than me. I don't know I think I think like everyone was pretty much focus on on. Trying, to do comedy and stuff but like. I tip because comedians and never really like really I guess the the young ones anyway I, never really focused on trying to get money for the trying to get the time do whatever. Yeah so So that was it. I was like, wait a minute at some point I think on the second highest paid con I mean it doesn't get you a job I don't go.

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