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The cause the scientific consensus that tries to make you and particularly your children believed that there is climate change what is the cause it years the advanced lifestyle of the united states of america that is directly to blame for climate change oh yes it is it's are suvs it's our industrialization of is the use of fossil fuels it is progress climate change is the fault of advanced civilizations in they're telling they half the guilt somebody they have to make somebody feel responsible so that they can make those people change their behavior and change the way they vote and change their position on issues and the climate change crowd once everybody voting liberal democrat for expanding never ending expanding government massive tax increases and restrictions and regulations on private sector businesses because all of those things are responsible for the destruction of the planet you'll not it's not the tri comms doing it it's not some poor dental communist country with pollution up the wazoo it's us and they have succeeded in persuading a bunch of skulls full of marche that by the time they are 65 the earth may not be able to support human life that it will be too hot and the people's blood will boil so it's in this scenario that i examine every climate change story they are routinely found on tech media in the people in tech media think they're all scientists they love science fiction they love science they think everything about themselves as signed it so far stop is a a story him old buddy mark morocco are old man in washington of the tv show now runs a website on climate depot and he publishes the result of a new study that says concern over climate change has been linked to depression anxiety through restless night's feelings of loneliness and lethargy the hardest hit are women and people with low incomes who worry about the planet's long term health said the study published in the journal of global environmental change symptoms of this particular psychological condition include restless night's feelings of loneliness and lethargy sabrina helm the lead author of the paper professor family consumer scientists university of arizona climate change is a persistent global stressor.

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