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You wanna tune into if you are a giant fan We're an air conditioner so much So much gives. That, to me all the, time hi Brian in, West Palm we talked to already let's. Go to John in, new. Town you're on the fan John Hey Richard, John As optimistic as I'd. Like to be I don't feel, like, this, year And another folder Given Brian Cashman, is next year how do we get a second wind Order to go alongside Severino We got Severino hopefully he founds back becomes dominant What is our second each lined up. So, we can really have a, legitimate shot down well I. Think they're hoping Justice Sheffield may turn into that they, certainly, have not, given up on Tanaka as that although you know you've seen envy up. And down a lot and free agency and trades now the Yankees do have. Still have some good stuff in the farm system, and you know. If there's a picture out there I mean if, you're, John Harper, enough you heard him earlier but he said he thinks the Mets should. Trade Syndergaard now I don't think you're going to train myth Yankees but I. Mean if you could get somebody along those lines That would certainly, bolster your staff a heck of a lot Oh yeah You know I just feel like if you're gonna knock. That,.

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