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Five AM an ATS. I really conservative. No matter your side democrat. We're here to bring you all the news and a place to talk about it. Six hundred W R, E C and ninety two point one FM. What I'd say real quick about John, Quinn and the Remax real estate experts. John Quinton homeselling team. They have a new program that you are going to love this program is one that gives you the homeowner the power to know that you're in charge Jon selling team will get your home on the market and under contract and fifty nine days. It's they're guaranteed. And if they don't get it under contract and fifty nine days, you will not pay a dime to John Quincy says your house after that, no commission or go to John Quinn and the home selling team if they don't get your home under contract in fifty nine days. John John Quinn homeselling team. This is their fifty nine day program. It's a program that if they don't get your house under contract and fifty nine days, you do not pay commission. John Quinn and the homeselling team. Now, they also have seven agents that work to get your home sold for the same price as one. And they will even come out and give you a free home evaluation. So you know, exactly how much your home is worth on the market today. So call John Clint six eight five six thousand six eight five six thousand six eight five six thousand or online at John Quinn team. That's John Quinn team dot com. John Quintin dot com or six eight five six thousand. Hi, RIC Edelman here. Join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments taxes, planning for retirement mortgages, getting your kids into college and more. It's the show every Saturday at ten on six hundred a MWR AC six.

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