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Jose delors uh that the rebel leader in bern inspired the logo of the socialist magazine jakobsen guinness which brings new meeting the phrase bernie would have one i'll come right back i did it i did it i just dropped a big debt joke in her head i don't get it and hence yeah so i've i've i've spoil my own recommendation for the film burn rajoy pontecorvo which is quite a general you've or about you wa i am going to recommend something day scott started to recommend on the last show up at them as mrs overcome by the need to recommend lawnmower man in style so naina i'm definitely missing out layer priorities ate it it actually happened so i am going to fully recommend scott halfheartedly dead and i recommend amanda lipids his step which is the documentary currently in theaters i think it may still be in theaters by the time you're hearing this if not i imagine it'll make its way to streaming pretty quickly it's uh really crowdpleasing a documentary kind of loosely about us stepping highly rhythmic kind of footwork focus dancestyle there is a big part of black fraternities and sororities but this film focuses on a high school step team that's really just kind of framing device first story that goes beyond dance it set at a leadership academy an inner city baltimore offer black girls it's about to see its first senior class graduate with the goal of a one hundred percent college acceptance rate among those seniors.

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