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Eighteen I'm Stephanie Davis for WWE J. Newsradio nine fifty cloudy and chilly early this morning. But later this Saturday, partly sunny and nice complete AccuWeather forecast. Coming up, thank you Dave Bowers. Fifty one degrees out at city airport. We will check traffic and weather together. Just ahead at two. Oh, eight w w j news time two oh, six as the judiciary committee volts to send Brett cavenaugh supreme court nomination to the full Senate the national conversation about sexual misconduct is sky, high NewsRadio nine fifties. Jason Scott explains. And over one hundred forty seven percent increase in calls placed Thursday to the national sexual assault hotline. It's not unusual for us to see an increase in calls and requests for services around times like this Amy Smith is co director of advocacy for the Wayne County. Safe sexual assault forensic examiner program. We've not seen a conversation like this happening on the national level in a very long time. And we think that that's productive that lasts national conversation. She says was the abuse scandal out of Penn State university. What we're seeing now is a mix of calls people who are triggered by. What's happening? Some of folks who have never disclosed in their lifetime. Jason Scott, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty a former Michigan State University psychologist who failed to notify law enforcement when he was informed of sexual abuse allegations against Larry Nassar has had his license to practice permanently. Revoked the announcement by the State Department of licensing and regulatory affairs comes nearly ten years after Gary stole retirement from Michigan state back in two thousand four stolen treated Kyle Stevens, a Nassar family friend and babysitter who told her parents, and stolen that she..

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