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Much to cheer leader in this matchup. She did not participate in this tag match. you'll share is zoe star going over retaining their tag titles Look honestly going into this match. I was expecting a title change. Honestly i was. It just feels like we've been at such a stalemate with zoe stark. Andy awry these passover weeks. You know there's there's nothing. There's nothing the horrendous segments going on with them. Just i it. Just ain't jelling for me and if it were to ever come down to a situation where zoe stark is maybe the one that turns on eeo. I could honestly care less. See and look. I wanna make sure. I'm being consistent here as best as humanly possible. I know some of you guys may probably remember will family. You were pretty high on on zoe. Stark and everything. Whoa what the hell happened. I'll tell you what happened. Wherever momentum. zoe stark had gone off for herself. It just pretty much got derailed. And just okay. We're just going to put you in this tag team and yeah and it just has You know it's so weird when you really stop and think about this because this is a much deeper problem. And i don't want to be long windy with this but marinate on this for a little bit marinade on this for a little bit. What does the women's tag division in an x t in the women's tagged vision on raw on smack dow all having common. They're weak. They are extremely weak. You see exactly as far as the attention where everything is going on. Certain superstars getting the camera. Time getting the matches in all of that other stuff. What championships are of great importance. You see all of that f. Full display and one of the weakest areas for wwe as a whole is their women's division particularly when it comes to the women's tag division sane. Fuck in trademark calling card and in exte- is the same trade more calling card. You're seeing when you're watching raw and or smack now and it's quite sad it is quite fucking said. It's it's a fucking joke. It's a fucking joke and you know. Here's the sad part. The women phenomenal. You got some really great talented fucking women. But the shit storylines that they have been given you know he. He go work with that. I don't know what's been more unbearable. The alliance of rear ripley and What's her face. Nikki ash zoe stark yoshahara. I i couldn't tell you it's like fuck in photo-finish a damn tie. I really can't tell ya so to see toxic attraction thing that's going on. I'm loving it. I'm really really really love in it right now. And this whole new new demeanor thus come about with mandy rose and i'm not even thinking about the whole color hair changed at. She has now done and everything. I'm not even thinking about that. I'm just thinking about just this whole new demeanor. That mandy rose has going on in aligning herself there. We gee-gee dole and I can't think of the I can't think of the other girl's name right now And i'm checking my notes. I can't think of the other girl's name i would actually need. Somebody's help jane jane. Jane is the one. I'm thinking of I'm liking that parent. I'm really liking that parent in a kinda. Give me a nice. Throw back to Certain female stables from back in the dan a lot of people were talking about the pow. Oh actually saw that name floating around a little bit. You know. I'm also i'm also reminded of valkyrie. You know i know for a lot of either. They compete wwl. Valkyrie is is a stable. That just instantly came to mind when i've been seeing what's been going on there with toxic attraction These past couple of weeks. And i honestly feel that. As far as the numbers game goes a making an prediction a bold prediction. Right now is going to be a couple. More girls is going to be added to that stable. I can see that stable becoming a five woman stable. So that's and trust me so now you understand when i say no no no. I'm counting getting valkyrie vibe. Now you kinda feel exactly especially if you know you women's history and all that you know exactly where i'm coming from gray fucking video promo by braun bay breaker channeling fucking dad of his. I fucking loved eight. He had the promo of the knife for his video package. I i loved that. Just the intensity to look in is the mannerism the execution i i loved it i loved that fucking video package man You want a friend. No no what was what was it. That he said exactly he said I'm not here to be a friend. You wanna get a dog. I just benched the way he delivered that. Just fucking bad as yeah. I see a lot of up stock law. Lot of up stock In a young man. He's he's definitely coming along there I'm looking at the rest of annex t again just just keep things. I wanna talk about in regards to annex t For this week Looks like next week. Ellie night is going to be taken on odyssey jones. Actually actually be a good match up reg highland half as kyle. O'reilly you know was fairly decent for what it was worth But almost the same kinda execution and all that for the cruiserweight title match that happened on this episode earlier in the night. Rodrick strong hair retained against grayson waller. You know just kind of one of those. You know it was i. You know so-so Raquel gonzalez retaining her women's championship. Against frankie manet definitely wasn't expecting a title change rate here. But i think what was probably i think it was. Probably the buzz kill slash spoiler was the fact that we in c- toxic attraction when the annex t tag titles so factoring that in and also factoring in they had brushed pass ric. Kill gonzales and mandy rose moore. She said manny rose said Looks good on you but it will look better on me so they can about what happened in that. Annex t women's tag title match the outcome you're just kinda going right here Safe to say toxic attraction is gonna get involved whether or not. They're going to put the screws to raquel and also lay altai of al kary let their presence be fell kinda remains to be seen by in all for what it was worth recall was able to definitively defeat taya valkyrie by wasn't really a a good match up I have to say. And i'm a big fan of taya valkyrie And raquel also a big fan of rebel. But this wasn't.

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