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Second part this question, what is a-rod like in real life? Because he's my hero. We got Gary with us. Now he's been all right. He's, he's really, he's. He's been really good. He's actually catching me today, so nice assigned to get the to him. Don't throw anything in the dirt. Okay, don't it'll be laugh at that. So that's shit smaller. So Gary, really cool. We had the nocco that, hey. I don't think much his translators really cool. I mean, he he's really nice and then era era once I don't know, you met does. Yeah. Last year. I mean, he was he's really nice and cool down are kinda guy. I think he's like a, I think he's like a baseball like genius. Anyway. He's really smoothly. Really. You like dislike him when he talked to us two years ago that he was his so far vast, you know, knowledge base right ninety baseball. You know, smart with doing business strategy and stuff like that. I mean, you see other news like taking off again, he would come. Eleven. I can't believe that couple store just doesn't process in my brain that he's dating jaylo. I actually wouldn't marry Rivera was there might have been full timers or something. He was just around the team and he got to meet jaylo the first time. I was just what a world that we got married when are shaken j.lo's hand like I just never thought it would ever go to..

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