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That I could take to better myself into better others along the way. I'm saying if Jones is executed, he will be the first inmate. Texas puts to Death in 2021 Today is the tax filing deadline for most of the United States, But Texans still have more time the IRS granted extensions for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana due to federal disaster declarations issued in response to February's severe winter weather. The deadline for all three states is June 15th. Houston police say a tiger that went missing for nearly a week was finally found Saturday night, days after his alleged owner was arrested. Houston public media is Paul de Benedetto reports. The Tiger is now at a wildlife sanctuary in North Texas. Police say India, the tiger was turned in by the wife of Victor Cuevas, the cat's alleged owner. Viral video last week show the cat wandering the West Houston neighborhood and confronting an off duty deputy before police say Cuevas usher the animal into an SUV and drove off India's only nine months old. But Houston police commander Ron Bores a said it already weighs £175. Work out every day. That animal was extremely powerful. If he wanted to overcome you, he could do it instantly. No doubt about it. Let's say you should not have that in your home. Cuevas was picked up for evading arrest. He had been out on a $125,000 bond for a previous murder charge. His lawyer has said he does not own the cat. India was sent to live at the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch about three hours north of the city. Paul the Benedetto in Houston, Tim Duncan was inducted into the Naysmith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame over the weekend. Duncan, who won five NBA championships with the San Antonio Spurs, thanked the team's head coach Gregg Popovich, You're an exceptional person. Thank you..

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