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Can get in to win these experiences and these amazing prizes I keep putting my money in to get a part in Kevin Hart's next movie I don't care about anything, but being near Kevin Hart and. Don't really care about the part in the movie. I just WanNa Think Evan on the side of back, but there's so many things like day with Ryan seacrest playing with the Dallas. Mavericks Justin Bieber flying to your house and singing to you obviously wanted safe to do that. So so many cool things so all in challenge dot com. Go check it out and let's end off with Amy Schumer. She just changed the name of her five month old son. His original name was Gena tell. Fisher and she realized that the first Middle Name together sounded like genital, and so she now change it to Jean David Fisher staying. said. Genital I didn't mean. I never would have done it. All Right? Let's get into the three things. We need to know from Gandhi Gandhi. What's going on right now? Well today should be the day. Millions of Americans should see those twelve hundred dollars stimulus checks hitting their bank accounts. The first payment started rolling out Friday part of the reason there was a delay was so that president trump's name could be added. He made that request last month, so you'll see it printed on the left side of checks, which is the first foreign irs disbursement the April? Fifteenth tax deadline is extended for three months. The filing deadline is now July fifteenth because of the coronavirus pandemic, but only half of all Americans are taking advantage of that, but don't forget if. If you need more time you now have it and we talked about this a little bit earlier. If you are one of the people who partake and all those facebook challenges and those goofy quiz be very careful, because a lot of packers are using that information that you're putting out there like the name of your first pet, the street used to hack into your information. Steal your identity and do whatever they want with it, so be careful when you're putting that information out there. It's not really necessary I. Don't think anyone's even reading it anyway, and those are your three things. Everybody notice when you are trying to enter your security questions and answers for like a credit card online whatever they ask him, who the name of your first best friend I was a loner I didn't have any best friends next question, yeah! It's the by the end of. The first concert you ever went to. It was boring. Answer these questions. You're hating yourself. Don't do it. Yeah, it's not a personality question. Anyway so thank you by the way going back to what you're saying about taxes. I it's still here, but they've moved tax deadline to June. July July July Fifteenth July fifteen. We still have accountants working feverishly. There's my word right now. It is their tax season. Because a lot of people just want to get it done asap so anyway to all of the counts out there doing their thing, we appreciate it. Thank you for your work. Let's take a break. We're back with your.

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