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And so that's africa that's the middle east it's lots of places and so when europeans leave the might majority says hey democracy in a democracy the majority wins but you see the minority has the guns and in democracy the minority loses and then they had to give up their guns and they weren't so happy about that and so what you get is civil wars and this brings in the united states in ussr because you once i can go to one side and once i could go to the other so once i goes to u s and says hey we're the majority we want the moxie and us says that's great we want you to have democracy you're the majority here's some guns and the minority goes the us as aren't says hey the us is funding the other guy can you help us and us are says of course we can and so in all of these civil wars they spread to get more violent they become more entrenched as outside countries get involved so what's the effect of this a lot of wealth is pulled out we already talked about this white colonists leave the wealth is pulled out there's low education there is no bureaucracy or experienced the exception with this indian pakistan and we'll talk about that but the whites the europeans to white countries did not prepare africa four for independence which was criminal because that was the argument which tells you that the nineteenth century argument of the white man's burden we're going to bring civilization to africa is bs as law.

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