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That the families out of the rain in the streets. If the current trend continues customs and border protection will evaporate ended more than a million people along the southern border by the end of fiscal two thousand nineteen Jim Ryan ABC news, Dallas sue technical difficulties there. That's Jim Ryan on the immigration crisis. This is Karen Travers on where your president is President Trump today will present his eighth medal of honor a posthumous award for army staff sergeant Travis Atkins who died in two thousand seven while saving the lives of three of his fellow soldiers. The president will present the medal to Atkins family here at the White House will be the first time the president has awarded one news service. Member who fought in Iraq. According to the White House while Atkins was serving in two thousand seven he engaged in hand to hand combat with a suspected insurgent and realize the insurgent was attempting to trigger a suicide vest. The White House says Atkins tackled him using his own body to shield his fellow soldiers from the explosion. Karen travers. ABC news the White House. And you Lavelle not worried about reports that women's basketball coach Jeff walls could be exiting for a job at the university of Tennessee athletic director, Vince, tyrod released a statement saying the program is focused on playing Oregon state in the Sweet Sixteen Friday night, the statement coming after a report in the Chattanooga times free press says the U of Al source of the schools prepared to lose walls, Tennessee after the season Tyree says he anticipates walls fulfilling his current contract, which the school extended following last year's final four appearance, however walls, if he does stay we'll be in the market for an assistant coach the Richmond. Register says that longtime level assistant. Samantha Williams has been named eastern Kentucky university's new. New women's basketball. Coach your next news update coming at eight thirty I'm well, Clark, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, Kentucky, and is breaking news, weather and.

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