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Night and at the end of its still no clear winner in the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden urged his supporters in Wilmington, Delaware, to just be patient. Way knew because of the unprecedented early voting, a male and vote It's gonna take a while. We're gonna have to be patient until we, uh the hard work of Italian votes has finished. Meanwhile, the president at the White House addressed his supporters. To me. This is a very sad moment and We will win this and a CE. Far as I'm concerned, we already have one. There is still a path for both Joe Biden and the president to get to 270 electoral votes. That's John Decker at the White House. Fox News is tally gives Joe Biden 238 electoral votes while President Trump has 213 course you need 270 to win, but several states Dumping called yet Rachel Sutherland has the latest, A number of states still have ballots to count. Georgia would stop the tally late last night, expected to pick up where it left off this morning with the president ahead by lesson, 2% points. Other battleground states still in play in Pennsylvania, President Trump is leading, but balance can be received by mail until Friday. If postmarked by election Day. The president has a slight edge in Michigan in North Carolina, Joe Biden has a small lead in Wisconsin and Nevada. Democrats appear well positioned to take a super majority on the San Diego City Council, with five new faces joining the nine member panel. Democrats holding eight of nine seats with Chris Kate, the lone Republican Joe LaCava heading for victory and District one. Stephen would burn in three. Marty von will pert in five Roll camp Theo appears to in District seven. And Sean Illo Rivera will take over the District nine seat his opponent did suspend his campaign Democrat Terra Lawson, Remer continues, told a big lead over incumbent Kristen Gas Bar in the race that could see Democrats take control of the county Board of Supervisors in district to power. Mayor Steve Voss and state Senator Joel Anderson are locked in a very tight race. Voss says he will build relationships across party lines. If elected. It's the same that I've always done, you have to build consensus. Come together and do what's best for the constituents, so that job never changes. All right, so it looks like right now they're both at about 50% Boster. Anderson will replace Diane Jacob, who is turning out after 28 years in District One. Democrat Nora Vargas is leading state Senator Ben Way so so prop 22 was approved by California voters, allowing at based in delivery drivers to be classified as independent contractors. Under 22, the workers are guaranteed an hourly wage and sick leave. Supporters say prop 22 protects at base drivers toys to be a ninja. That contractor. Those opposed, say a no vote stops the companies from writing their own exemption to California law, Sarah Jacobs has been declared the winner in the 53rd congressional race Checkups. A member of the family that founded Qualcomm, a former policy adviser in the Obama administration and former candidate in the 49th congressional district, is headed to Washington on her second try. I think now more than ever, we need leaders who could bring us together who can make sure we're focused on unity and what brings us Together or not, What divides us. You know, our campaign has really been focused on rejecting the politics of toxicity and divisiveness, and from the very beginning of the primary, we ran a campaign that was about bringing coalitions together about making sure that even when we disagreed, everyone knew that they had a place on this campaign and we would always listen to and respect them tickets, defeating Santiago City Council president Georgia Gomez in the 53rd congressional district now taking over for the retiring Susan Davis. Jack Cronin. Coffee news three incumbents leading in the 49th the 51st in the 52nd Congressional District. Democrat Mike 11 lays out some of his plans for another term. If he beats Republican Brian Marriott. Let's fight for quality and affordable health care for everyone. Let's invest in great public schools in our amazing teachers. Let's face immigration reform with an eye towards compassion and safety. Democrats Scott Peters and Juan Vargas also hold big leads over there. Republican opponents Boss is making history following the release of letter to you. Music legend Bruce Springsteen is the first artist to ever have.

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