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Businesses that violate the new rule could face hundreds of dollars in fines. Nick eyed Ellie WTO news Campaign 2023 heads up if you plan to register to vote, in Virginia before election day. Today is the last day to register to vote ahead of the time in the Commonwealth, although you still can register in person on election day. Primary elections have kicked off in the state with democratic and Republican races for a wide ranging number of state offices county boards and other seats as well. Election day for the primaries will fall on Tuesday, June 20th, but voting has been going on. All of this month, the in person early voting will run until June 17th. There's more details on the story on our homepage, WTO P dot com. We're wrapping up a long holiday weekend, but for folks who are having get togethers in several D.C. neighborhoods, they're being told not to drink tap water. Here's why. Got in last night, and I thought it was an amber alert going off. But that alert to Sonya Rodriguez's phone was instead of boil water advisory message from D.C. water. The cause of 12 inch water main biting the dust under V street northeast. Now the fort Lincoln woodbridge and langdon neighborhoods need to avoid drinking straight from the tap. So far for Sonya, she says it has an impact of her plans because she has bottled water. It was going to be a relaxed day anyway, so it hasn't really set my apple cart. But once she gets back to work tomorrow, she feels it will be more of a pain, even though the water main has been fixed, the advisory probably won't be lifted until Wednesday at the earliest when water test results come back in. In northeast, Mike Morello, WTO news. Coming up on WTO P, why is it taking so long for many younger people to grow up? Many parents might be asking that question. We'll have the story coming up, where our WTO produce time now, it's three O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic

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