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Robin Lundberg here with you on the fan. Been a fun Sunday afternoon slash evening thus far. Let's keep it going. You could tweet at me at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That is r O b I n l u N d e b E R G. Of course you can also call into the show and we can have a conversation that way because this is one of the Few mediums that allows some good human interaction at this point in life, 877337 66 66 877337 66 66. Let's go next to, uh Howbout. Lewin Historia Lou, You're up next on the fan with Robin Lundberg. What's up? Ariel, What are you doing? I'm doing well, don't you go have a conversation that I have been basketball, right? Best way that I saw, but anyway, like guy like Chamberlain, you know, I don't think your plan and our era right now. He was great. It was unbelievable when he played But I wouldn't make your play they nobody ever make sure it's all about Jordan and LeBron James. There's a guy that come out for high school and you're young. You have a little get up. All high school to college to the pros. That is the greatest basketball player that ever played. Who do you think I'm talking about? From high school to tell Unnavigable was that Yeah. A lot of people, right? Kareem Abdul Jabbar to talk about. Yeah, Yes, I think so. Yeah. Any day something if I was going to start a team, Listen, Jordan is one of the greatest All of it will be my play. It could play in any era. Okay? I mean, okay, so he I mean, he could he could. He could play any air because that guy Hogan's chapel he had a great defense. A fucking skull point whenever he wanted. The good is going to play that ever leaving his baseball is concerned. I I don't understand why you don't think you're making the best light to player that I ever saw his electoral drinking. You know, Look, Alex Rodriguez is in a little bit of an enigma, and I appreciate the call a CZ Faras. He was obviously a great player. But he wasn't beloved for a long time, especially here in New York because of some lack of production in the biggest spots, But then he had the 2009 run. Which changed That narrative clearly was. Ah, great Shortstop. Integrate second baseman later on a CZ. You know when you you look at his career arc and and the way I mean, I'm sorry, third baseman later on, and you look at his career arc and the way you know it developed. He's Ah An all time great player. I wouldn't put him at the top of the list. And then you also have the steroid aspect with Rodriguez as well, Just like so many people from his era, you know Barry Bonds. Is the guy I said before And to me. Barry Bonds is the best player I ever saw. The way I put it is he was the best before cheating, and he was the best at cheating, so he was a great all around player. Free being enhanced. You know, he's stolen bases. Obviously get hit for power Could was a you know an all around, skilled, gifted player on DH, then became the best hitter or essentially the best hitter of all time on the juice. The Rod. You know, it's hard to isolate his production, too, because of of you know that being a part of his career narrative, But obviously Alex Rodriguez is an all time great player. And you know if the Depending on how the Hall of Fame winds up shaking out and I believe those guys should get in. If they have the overall body of work, he would get in, but we don't know how that will will take hold in the future. What you're saying about Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Look, Karim, There's a lot of people who argue he slept on on and he did dominate at every level, and he's the all time leading score in N BA history. That's one of those things LeBron is chasing. LeBron has a real good chance. To actually pass. Kareem is the NBA's all time leading score, unfairly or not. Sometimes big men get the short end of the stick when it comes to these conversations, because we get more enamored with the guys who make stuff happen with the ball in their hands from the perimeter, And then there's the way the game is played. Now versus how it was, and and I think it's harder for a big man. To be P dominant, but Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 19 time All Star, two time scoring Champ, six time N Ba Champ two time finals MVP six time M V P Hey, belongs on any short list of the greatest players of all time. That's for sure. 877337 66 66. Let's go next to how about Jessie and Huntington? Jesse? You're on with Robin Lundberg here on the family. Cary, Robyn. Nice to speak to you. Thanks for taking my call. I wanted to our touch on a few of the callers. I've been hearing, especially Ah, guy recently saying you care less about the politics of the players and you know, he just wants to, you know, live sports to get away. Uh, you know, it's pretty clear that he cares a lot about their politics to the point of not wanting to watch sports of the results. I think he just disagrees with their politics. I think that's the issue. He doesn't like the matches that they're saying he wants him to just put them in the corner and shut up and play basketball. I think that's the major issue and frankly Quite honest, I'm sick of people like him complaining about their politics..

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