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The parents of a young british boy who lost their son last night twenty three month old alfie evans suffered from a terminal brain condition doctors removed the child from life support five days ago despite the objections of his parents who wanted to extend his care at a vatican hospital that effort was shot down by british courts his parents confirming his death through social media his mother kate james writing our boy our baby boy grew his wings tonight at two thirty a we are heartbroken thank you everyone for all your support his father tom evans who became the face of anguish during the months of legal struggles wrote on facebook my gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings absolutely heartbroken fox's lauren green alfie would've turned to next month a massive manhunt in maine now four days old john williams is still at large and should still be considered armed and dangerous somerset county sheriff del lancaster williams has wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a sheriff's deputy on wednesday one of america's bravest proves it while they caning at a beach shown o'gorman from the us we go fire department in upstate new york was on a beach with his family on emerald isle north carolina he tells the charlotte observer he noticed three girls were in the water about seventy five yards from the shore when it looked like they were caught in a rip current he swam out and said that part was easy getting back was tough because he had to all three in as they hung to his feet oh gorman's nearly fifty two years old and just last week he completed his department swiftwater rescue training joel nato fox news dozens of air travelers heading to hawaii got there safely despite an emergency landing last night during an alaska airlines flight pilots throttle down one of the engines after an oil bypass light came on tampa so fox news radio as a farm approaches clouds will increase through this afternoon a few showers and thunderstorms my pop up later today with a high of seventy five that rain delays.

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