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Avs keep playing the war you know it's it's hard to stay on top and you saw a little bit this the not in these finals but you saw it against the rockets and you saw during the regular season when they had a lot of nights where it was tough to get them motivated so i wouldn't just you know right in pen that the warriors are going to win the two thousand nineteen finals as well big cats joining us it's waddle and silvy on espn one thousand meller came up with his most fun chaotic off season in the nba he said the league it would be great if it went all w and lebron opted out along with k d opting out and they joined forces together in la with magic johnson with the lakers and now all of a sudden the good guy kevin durant in oakland is now the bad guy and those two teams battle for supremacy in the west if you have any scenario that you could create what would you create how about lebron and dwayne wade coming to chicago ten summer all over again you want twain way down like why not well if you came with lebron i would probably yeah i like that maybe it would be nice if there was like a balance so maybe kawai goes to the to the sixers lebron goes to maybe the lakers with paul george so then you have the celtics the sixers the rockets the lakers and the warriors all being those teams that all compete so then you have five teams that could win a championship that would probably be my my like best wish for how everything could pan out i think the speculation is and i it's a speculation is share is key this is his protests for not being selected are inducted earlier than now silly that's so weird why wouldn't you just do the speech and you know do like the michael jordan hall of fame speech and tickets to every body right.

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