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Manufacturer Monsanto must pay Dwayne Johnson who was suffering. From terminal non-hodgkin's lymphoma Brent Wizner is Johnson's attorney Monsanto now has an option to do right by all the people that have been hurt and do right by mister Johnson Do right by everybody else who could be affected by this product they had sought. Three hundred seventy three, million dollars correspondent Steve Futterman with more on the herbicides roundup is widely used for years there have. Been claims by consumer groups that exposure to it can cause cancer Monsanto says it will vigorously appeal this. Decision and that. Could be a long process potentially taking years to completely get through the legal system in a statement the company also says today's. Decision quote does not change the fact that more than eight hundred. Scientific studies and reviews support the fact that our product is not cause cancer and did not cause mister Johnson's cancer CBS news update I'm that piper Changing his plea I'm Ed MacKay that's one. Of the stories we're following a em seven sixty former, major league baseball all star pitcher, Esteban Loaiza, pled, guilty in San Diego federal, court today to, possession of forty four pounds of cocaine with intent. To distribute it faces a range of ten years to life. In prison the search continues for missing Camp Pendleton marine apparently fell overboard while San Diego-based USS. Essex was conducting routine operations in the south southeast of the Philippine yesterday Kevin Matt look a, former Torrey Pines high school student. Who posted threats targeting the school on his Instagram account was sentenced to a year.

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