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Of sports from around the world Here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian Killing and papa speaking at a press conference for the first time since shocking the soccer world by snubbing real measure and signing a new contract to remain with Paris Saint-Germain for the next three years says his decision was based on the direction of the club and not financially motivated Report same Madrid felt they had in Bobby's word that he would be passed at the end of his contract on June 30th to join the La Liga winners Many drugs that's going down in the first round of the French Open as four time Grand Slam winner Naomi also got falls and treats since American Amanda ADC mova Also I seem to be bothered by your left Achilles which she had taped up Meanwhile last year's winner in both singles and doubles two seated Barbara Kraków loses in three sets of Diane Perry Did not play the past three months leading into the open due to an injured right elbow Also the women shot topsy did he got you on tech has no trouble advancing to the second round while 50 to net Clinton is knocked down straight set Looking at the men's room top C Novak Djokovic advances in trade sets as his 5th seed rapping Adele New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson has been suspended one game by Major League Baseball for making comments deemed inappropriate toward Chicago Whiteside shortstop Anderson during Saturday's game Donaldson who also is fined is appealing the suspension The Eastern Conference Finals resuming tonight as the boss of Celtics are hosting the Miami Heat down two games to one Miami though is battling injuries as Tyler hero will not play due to a groin injury while Jimmy Butler will be in the lineup despite a knee injury I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports opd 8 Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business flash Equity markets across the apac showing a little bit of weakness I want to begin with the eco data for Japan a sentiment index reading on first manufacturing from the jibun bank This is the flash PMI for manufacturing a reading in May of 53 two that is actually down from 53.5 in April nonetheless it's clearly continuing to expand and then if you look at the flash services PMI a reading of 51 7 and improvement over the prior month when we saw reading of 50.7 a stronger Japanese currency right now one 27 70 against the greenback and a weaker nikkei down about four tenths of 1% We're seeing healthcare stocks lead the way lower in Japan In Seoul the Cosby off about four tenths of 1% meantime in Sydney we've got the ASX 200 down just a tenth of 1% We had a rally in U.S. equities but sentiment reversed after the bell here in the U.S. when snap said it's he's revenue and adjusted EBITDA below the low end of its second quarter guidance range though shares fell 30% in the late U.S. session Clearly dragging the NASDAQ 100 futures contract down about 1.3% right now US Treasury yields right now moving a little lower in the Tokyo session not by much One basis point in the case of both the two and the ten with a ten year treasury at 2.83% a two year at 2.60% so remaining maintaining that steeper curve and a 23 basis point spread between the two and the ten We'll take another look at market action for you in 15 minutes Let's check global news headlines next at Baxter is in the Bloomberg newsroom in San Francisco Eddie All right Douglas Beijing receiving some better news cases have actually dropped day to day the report 48 local cases for May 23rd Shanghai no new cases outside.

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