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Scams retired because we don't wanna what fuck up you. Bag amen amen. Today's leonard i need a name. Priscilla gender doesn't matter let's call them odysseus odysseus. Wow okay we're going back to the odyssey okay. I whether we're out down so odysseus says. I thought you should know about this scam. If you don't already they almost just got me on black when you say things like. They almost just got me. Oh they almost just got me you know when people running it and then they start ready to the anyway we also down like almost got us people who was they. Why are we ready. Who were they and how do they almost gets. I don't care. I just know i'm safe. I know that they almost did though almost wasn't safe. Almost just got me all right. This is in the past week. I've done a ton of online shopping. So the below text message was totally believable. Even though ups always leaves my packages at the door. So it's It's a text message that says from and it's it's like seven nine zero zero dash. Usps are ups rather than it says. Message three four three they put a bunch of extra shifts and make it look like it was automated. It's as we tried to deliver your parcels today parcel. That's a good word right right on board now but you weren't in or there was no safe place to leave it. How okay now. How does that ring you weren't in slash or there or there. It's just in space but you weren't in or there was no safe place to leave it so you weren't in or there was no safe place to leave it that those sound. That don't sound accurate. Sound acharya ed purcell. I know every league dead. I'm so mad that they like. I already had so many emotional roller coasters. I was on board with parcel and talking crazy within or and about and maybe come on now like it would just be like the delivery. I think they say it was not deliverable or like the currier could not contact sollozzo. Something very simple and be like your home and even if you were home. They're not like discounting to be like you weren't there or you. We couldn't find you like what they're not giving you all that extra work there like one here so we left right also says there was no safe place to leave he is like a lotta you start explaining and i mean how many times hong kong veterans have. We brought this up when people start over explaining. You got to know that they talking nonsense. It's like it's like when they're they're overly courteous in this like we thought maybe you might have in the shower or we heard the stove was on and we actually going to tell you where you know. You don't wanna ghastly but We didn't pay because the stove was explode. Pse and gbi act in. anyway. What i was saying. Ups s wherever come from right is doing too much is giving ally asked to be gave. You know.

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